Shaun's crankflip tutorial

As great a tutorial as it is, it doesn’t seem to work well on me…

I mount with my right and am more comfy starting off or static-mounting with my right foot facing back. However, I hop with my right in front. The problem is that the vid shows a right-first hopping but a left-first mount which I can’t do at the moment.

Any suggestion on how else to learn the crank flip?

learn right facing forward. If it’s comfortable hopping there, it will be best for kicking. Roll into it.

Sorry, I don’t quite get it. So if I’m kicking with my right, how would my posture be like throughout the flip?

I’m pretty sure learning to crankflip comes AFTER learning how to mount a unicycle. Good luck.

yea… can u even hop good ?

I can’t left mount but I can right static/jump/regular mount perfect. Hopping’s fine too.

I’ve tried to improvise a bit but I couldn’t lift the wheel after the hop for long enough to land on the pedals. Got a 20" today so hopefully it’d help. WHOOHOO 20"!