Shaun Js tutorial ?

Hey i was lookin for shaun johannesons crankflip tutorial on youtube and i cant find it ? Has it been removed ?

They have been taken off of youtube. Here are all the download links for his videos. They might possibly still be on too, but I haven’t checked.

thanks but i checked them and i looked on but i stil cant find his crankflip tutorial.Does any one have a link to it ?

I don’t know why we lost it on utv but how ever, I upload it once again and you will find it here
You also can download the Flash file here or the original mov file here.

i can put it on youtube if anyone wants/

Thanks i just downloaded it

why were they removed?
why make a tutorial if you are going to hide it?

Do you guys think shaun would be mad if I uploaded it to youtube again? I think its a great tutorial and can really help people… :thinking:

I dont know, you could send him a pm and ask but his vid does say feel free to distribute in the credits of the tutorial.

Ok I never noticed that