Shaun Johanneson's New Movie:Download Help

I’m having trouble downloading Shaun Johanneson’s new movie. Can someone who has already downloaded it send it to me via email or AIM? My AIM is
biker4300. If you prefer email, let me know and it shall be provided. Not sure though if I can receive that much through email, so AIM is preferred.

i think its to big to send with e mail ?!

but u can watch it on

Yes I realize that I can view it on there, but I would like to have it dowloaded as well for future use.

hahahahahaha that will be a very big Email, its over 600 MB.
On you will be able to download it. just use the right mouse Button on the link in the text or on the link under the 640x48 stream. Then save target as and it should run but will need time.

Once again I realize that I can view it on…thank you. And unfortunately I cannot right click and save as. Something to do with security on my computer. And media player won’t download it either. Basically I need somone to send it via IM. It should move faster than usual with us both probably having high speed.

is it cause of the size or because of the actual site?

Because if its the site then i can host it temporarily for you if u want, you’ll only get 60kb/s max off me (my upstream sucks) but u’ll get it eventually…

But if its the size then there sint much u can do apart from stream it slowly from and find a lower quality version.

upps, thats bad situation, but if the media Player show it to you, your PC also cach it in a special Temp folder. you can copy it from there to another place and rename it . It’s easy to find it cause there are less 600 MB files in the Internet Temp folder. There also must be 700 MB of free space on C: to make it possible to cache it completely. THe Folder is normaly located in
C.\documents and settings\username\local settings\Temporary Internet Files
maybe the video is still there if you watched it completely.
In FireFox you also can change settings to always download to Harddisk instead of opening Media Player.

Don’t worry, I’m IMing it to him right now.