Shaun Johanneson's Movie

Hey everyone

My movie is finished, Finally. I figured i’d put it on this forum since this one gets less action and it should be on the first page longer (easier to find for people). I hope you all enjoy. It’s on also can be downloaded at

More work is being done so it doesn’t take so long and can be found in more places. Please go easy on the time, this is a huge file, and is the first full length video to completely be online. It’s worth the wait. lol

-Shaun Johanneson

I can stick it on vodpod if you like shaun, none of the quality will be compromised and it might be quicker as people can watch as it loads.


Btw sick movie, absolutely amazing or should I say…ill

It’s a great vid with very good riders in it.
Very long and very nice!!!

sweeet!! what is that phsykospin thingy? 540unispin flip??

nice vid. just what we would expect from Mr Shaun…

This movie is truely awesome. Some great riding, by some great riders, led by the best himself.

great vid which interesting comedy and stuff here and there :slight_smile:

just a feedback, too much street continously sometimes can really be boring, maybe try to bring in more freestyle (like kaori’s part) or possibly, group freestyle into the vids? :slight_smile:

great movie shaun!!
thanks for putting all the time in on it!!! it makes we want to ride more!

That’s why there is Kaori’s part. I’m doing stuff that i’m pretty sure no one else can do without hops. Why do freestyle if that is covered by other riders? But I do see your name as a new rider so there’s no worries there. Later on you might see more and more differences or what not.

-Shaun Johanneson

Coolness double plus

The bails are indeed the best for lest…
Impressed by youre courage.

Dam! 45 minutes long!! :sunglasses: :astonished: :sunglasses:

It’ll take forever to download:( The first minute or so looks great so far though!:smiley:

I need to get a big flash drive and see if I can download all these vids to it (I do all my stuff on my school’s computers:( )

I love group freestyle more than single freestyle :smiley:


Whats wrong with nimbus??? :thinking:

edit: (the knex toy add)

Wow!! Sweet video. Funny too, I liked the little skits.

Excellent video. I still haven’t seen Universe 1 or 2, or Defect, so I couldn’t participate in the little guessing game, but I really enjoyed every part of Ill.

I liked that wipeout of Shaun’s when his foot bent backwards and he fell on it. I [], <<, >'ed it three times. The look on his face is priceless. I L’edOL.

I thought Kaori’s part was great, too. It’s always good to see a girl unicycling, especially when they’re good looking and amazing at what they do.

hey. i hadnt watched this until right now. jsut heard about it. honestly like, before i watched it, i didnt really have much respect for shaun… all i knew was he was the best, and thats about it. but seriously…shaun is like doing great things for unicyclists man…keaton as well. that riding was inspiring shaun and i got respect for you now…i had no idea you were capable of all that crap. you put more effort into making your stuff flow. it makes me want to get over my fear of a lot of unispin stuff. like 360 unispins have been in and out. i landed one…jsut one…not too long ago, but theyre hard for me. makes me want to go big, so thanks shaun.

Wow, some very nice riding all around. I’m very impressed and wish I could do a fraction of what the riders in “Ill” do.

It’s a great movie. Big movie took a few hours to download.

Why is it with movies they say 2045kb/s but its never that. If Shuans movie was really 2045kb/s the whole thing would be over 5,000,000kb big (5gb)

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