Shaun Johanneson's MOVIE!

downloading now! cant wait to see it.

…and some really bad bails…ouuuchh!

I get 115kbs, but it stillt needs 1,5 hours :(. Cant wait :).

Downloading now, will watch it when I get back from school, speed’s not bad at the moment…


…how is your right foot? :slight_smile:

my download just froze, this happened for anybody else or is it just me?

Just you, 4 mins left here!

6 minutes left

1 min, there is no such thing as spam.


GAHHHHH its frozen. what do i do :frowning:

It’d be awesome if anyone can upload it to anywhere else so we can get faster speeds… or even better, seed it for torrents?

Hi folks,

sorry for some slow downloads. THe movie is on the UTV Server and most times it runs realy fast but in the time between 19:00 and 23:00 (Middle Europe time) its always very busy there cause several hundreds of users watching movies at the same time. I actually create a hq QickTime Version and also a smaller wmv and QT file in 320x480
You also can watch the movie here
I will post here when all files are online. At least the video is so good that several houres to wait will be ok :smiley:
I download with 260 k/s today

Don’t forget, it’s nearly 700 MB so it needs time anyway

I cannot open the page to download it :frowning:

it seemes everyone in australia cant download it at this point in time.

i have 24% of it, all of which is mad !

It is telling me that the page is no longer there.
how good?


I watched the whole vid and I really enjoyed it, nice work! I thought the bit with the commercials was a bit overdone, but for the rest, really good.

Lucas: Get a better cam :smiley:

I’d like to see some more of Mike next time, impressive vid.



yess i finally got it, only 20 hours to go at 10kb/sec

mine is now cruising along at 16KB/s


only 12 hours to go

You guys are lucky! Mine doesn’t go above 2.0 kb/s. How slow is that? It’ll take ages at this rate! I hope it’s some temporary problems.