Shaun Johanneson

I love him. He is sexy as hell.

thats great!(sarcasm)
but this isn’t a good place to … say… come out of the closet…

Agreed, he’s hawt but probably not woth a thread in RSU… Since it dosn’t really have anyrhing at all to do with unicycling…

Finally, now is my chance to admit my hidden, in the closet, love for 1800unispin.

Wow, needless to say this thread caught my attention when I saw it. ha. Good stuff. That is

-Shaun Johanneson

he’s ok, but he snores somthin fierce!

someone should sponsor 1800 just so I can buy a video of him. if he rides as well as he grows a mustache i think shaun might have some competition here. (shaun u own mang. keep it up.) BADASS!

Brians avatar Sums it up!

I feel that Brian MacKenzie’s Avatar sums up the feeling of that post!

Shaun now I know why you were practicing German at FLUCK! LOL. You need to get that kind of positive critisizm from hot young women and not dirty old men! I think that the post got everyones attention and not just yours!


Someone delete this…

How about cute young boys?

Dan Heaton was one of the main reasons I wanted to start uniing…

Dont forget Kevin :wink:

And of course Keatonnnnnnn!!!@!!!

This thread might as well be renamed “the official coming out of the closet thread”:wink: :smiley: :roll_eyes:

I wonder if 1800 can actually do 18 spins.
Can you, man?

this question is not even worth answering.

but since you really seem to wanna know and i wanna make some friends because unicyclists are cool: yes, i can. of course.

by the way: 10 spins, you idiot.

I don’t think you’re gonna make many friends that way…

By the way: 1800/360=5

Anyway, you shure have a vid to prove your point, right?

My guess: he’s talking about riding some circles like described here, not doing a unispin like described here.

my guess is he is being silly.