Shaun Johanneson vs. Xavier Collos

it depends what type of shark we are talking about. african or european?

or my personal favourite, the bannana peel shark.

or if it was this shark

the lion would open up a can of whoop ass.

meh i dont think you can really compare…

Shaun=Rodney Mullen

Xav= Eric Costen (i dont know how to spell that)


screw shaun he only does the same thing over and over and over…and over. but xavier man he puts flair into his style.

Really you have to go with who intertains the most. Because our styles are too different to compare.

Shaun-Put’s out vids and tutorials as often as possible for the public.
Xav- Releases a really nicely made video every once in awhile.

Shaun- Street (Flips, Rails, TECH GRINDS ((No one knows me for this, this is my best style, better than flips)), Sets.)
Xav - Street, (Some rails, some flips, some tech grinds), Flatland (Rips the ground like only he and Dan can)

I like the lion and the shark reference. It matters where we are. Skatepark, i’ld use the stuff better, flatland, He would rip it better, since I can only do about 30 some flips on flat.

I guess sorry I do the same thing over and over, it’s the only thing challenging to me. Movements so fast people can’t tell what’s going on. Hmmm, the seems favorable to the rider doing it.

Don’t listen to him, you’re great. Just stick to what you like and tell everyone else to stuff it(but very nicely). There’s always be someone who thinks the stuff you do isn’t cool. Who cares? I think you’re pretty cool(a bit too agressive sometimes). Just keep on making those tutorials.

Sharks have a clear set of eyelids to protect their eyes, chlorine wouldnt be a problem. Lions like all cats avoid water at all costs. The fresh water thing is interesting tho, how long would a sea shark survive in fresh water?

I like the banana skin shark, might have to try makign one of those.

But we don’t know what would have happened if Shaun was there too. I’d really like to see Shaun and Xavier (and Dan) all at the same place going at the same stuff.

Well, not all cats avoid water, some love it…

Anyway, The lion would most likely procure some skuba gear. So it’s be more like a Lion with skuba gear and spear vs a shark with an axe, since sharks love axes. I think the shark would win that battle, causing the lion to flee and be chased by the shark onto dry land. The shark would, of course, have to use a jet back and a gill water circulation system. Then it would be up to the lions kung-fu skills to disarm the shark, who would have a flame thrower (duh) but he would be able to do that easilly since he’d be on dry land again. The shark would throw sharpened starfish at the lion, but the lion would counter by throwing monkeys back at the shark. Monkeys, of course, HATE robots, and they would mistake the shark for a robot because of the jet pack and rebreather, and destroy the shark. This would get the attention of the pirates who would shoot the beach up with cannon balls, killing the lion. The monkeys would then put on their ninja outfits and kill the pirates.

Winner: The Monkeys.

hehe… a shark wouldn’t be able to swim in a small swimming pool. cause of that he wouldn’t be able to breathe… i guess the lion would win the fight easily :slight_smile:
but now the question is, who is the lion?


i think i could take the loin and the shark at the same time. haha. but seriouly who cares whose better.

I kind of agree with Amanda,

I can’t give like real good feedback because I’ve never seen Shaun ride in person, but I enjoy watching Xav more than Shaun, Shaun is good at flipping, but three minutes of flipping gets kind of boring. Shaun and Xav are both damn good riders, but I guess Xav just has more style.

For those who are asking why is this important and saying who cares, its not really that important and no one should really care, but its fun to think/talk about. It is hard to compare not only because they have different riding styles but we (just the general public) don’t really know what Xav is doing currently. Shaun is always putting out videos and everyone knows where he is in his riding. Xav could be doing crazy things and just not showing us kinda deal.

I don’t know on what to say for who is a better rider. Street is not as easily measured as trials. Its more preference. That being said I think Shaun may be a better rider technically in his riding (you can’t deny he is a machine) but I think I like Xav’s riding more because his videos show more variation in his riding.


Re: Shaun Johanneson vs. Xavier Collos

“Seager” wrote in message …
> Winner: The Monkeys.

At last! Someone with a bullet proof sense of logic, and the answer I
was expecting in the first place.


Your mom could take the loin.

to be blunt about it…


xavier’s barcelona vid leaves me shaking my head in amazement every time…

but nonetheless, i dont know whos better. uni showdown anyone?

idk who xavier is

:astonished: Are you high?

It’s obvious, it all comes down to how many seatwraps a rider can do, I’ve seen Xav do 3. He wins