Shaun Johanneson vs. Xavier Collos

Who do u thinks better Shaun Johanneson Or Xavier Collos?

Whadda ya think leave a message

Better what, chess player? Be specific. Xavier is the new world champion of Street; he’s really good at that!

i’d hate to take xavier on in a game of chess.

i’d say xav is the better of the two.

I say shaun would win on flatland and rails but xav would win on stairs and gaps…

playing xavier in chess would be cool.

i dont know, they are both extremely good. so i say they need to have a uni-off.

I think Shaun has some harder tricks but Xav has more style.

I don’t think it’s important.

If you really want to know what ppl think make a poll and shouldn’t this really be in Just Conversation? I think Shaun is totally awesome but…I think Xav is better. Sorry Shaun:o

I agree.

amen to that.

They’re both eXtremely good riders, but at the moment Shaun does have the advantage of not being in crutches.


this is completly out of the left feild but i think yoggi is better than both of them

I agree !

As do I. I was actually shocked to see this thread!


i concur! they are both extremely good riders but they both have better aspects to their riding than the other person.

Re: Shaun Johanneson vs. Xavier Collos

“president_luke” wrote in message …

> > I don’t think it’s important.
> I agree.

I agree too.

But if it was something critically important, such as ‘if a lion and a
shark had a fight, who would win’ then it gets much more relevant.


I think the lion, cause they can punch pretty hard with their front paws.

Aye but if it was in water the shark would totally win.

On land its the lion, of course.

The best place for them to battle would be on the shoreline, that would be worth watching!


I wouldn’t agree to that. Let’s say you put a lion and a shark in a swimming pool. The shark would get chlorine in its eyes and be unable to think, whereas lion would be accustomed to fresh(even though chlorined) water and kick its ass!