Shaun Johanneson and Kelly Hickman (Hangout)

Here is the hangout footage of my trip to Shaun Johanneson’s house during the month of June. Sorry it took so long, there was alot to edit. It even includes the Cereal Box Showdown muhaha.



very cool vid! :slight_smile:

Hey you’ve got my t-shirt tan too :smiley:

Sweet vid.

Haha! Awesome!

That is really a great video in every point of view !!!
Seems that we wil have a lot of fun with that trio at Wunschkonzert also :smiley:

congrats on becoming cereal showdown champ Shaun! :smiley:

ps- Any of you ever complete that eleven set?

Yeah I had an unfair advantage. My cereal only weighed 6.4 oz well everyone else’s weighed over 12oz. Not to say that I had half the amount of food, just less weight to fill me up. lol

-Shaun Johanneson

cool flick.


The cereal contest needed music. Otherwise, awesome. Shaun, you should come to OK.

you will find that funny video now also as HQ wmv file on utv.

Klick here to watch it or klick right buttom here to get it.

omg… you ruined it now i know who wins the cereal showdown… oh well i reckon it will still be a good movie even thought someone… :angry: ruined it

I was really hoping kelly would land that 10 stair (I think it was 10).
awesome video. :sunglasses:

It’s an 11 stair.

Yours also had less sugar than some. The sugar would have been what would have killed me, I can barely finish one bowl of some of those cereals without feeling nautious.

Haha,I love that game, need to try it!!!

Nice vid guys,


Man, I want to eat a lot of cereal…

Ditto I also get that way if I drink pop sometimes. I’ll be really hungry get a drink of pop and then can’t eat for a couple hours. Thankfully it happens only a couple times a year.

great video as always! I like how you do a few moves together.