Sharing hotel/car rental for NAUCC

Seems like this thread pops up every time there’s a convention or Muni Weekend…

I’m crunching numbers for the NAUCC trip. Is anybody going who might want to save some money by splitting hotel and/or car rental costs?

Are a lot of people staying at the hotel reccomended at the NAUCC/TCUC web site (Super 8 in Roseville)? If so, maybe I can just find one of you now and make a verbal carpooling agreement. I’d be glad donate toward your car rental fees. Then I can just take a Taxi to and from the airport.

I’m probably not going to go for the whole time, so I’m leaning toward the last five days. If somebody would be interested in splitting hotel costs for those nights, that would be cool. I don’t even need a bed, just a place to roll out a sleeping bag.

I could get my own hotel and rental car and everything, but it’s always nice to get that overall pricetag down. Plus, if I carpool, there’s less of a chance that I’ll get lost…:smiley:

As always, you can email me at this username -at-