There are some unicyclist near Shanghai?

(I hope I have written in the right place)


There are almost certainly a lot of them. The question is where to inquire. China has good unicycling programs for kids, so maybe ask at a school or at some sort of gymnastics/acrobatics training center.

Ciao Ilario, ma che fai di bello a Shangai?
Cristian e Chiara

I must to go a year to work near shanghai :slight_smile:

Definitely not!

“China has good unicycling programs for kids”

Definitely not! :astonished: how do you get this information ? .

Well, these girls had to start somewhere, plus China generally has good infrastructure and education, not to mention circus performers and acrobats, and the unicycles ridden by the people on this forum are largely -or almost entirely if you count the disputed province of Taiwan- made in China. Obviously, though, if you live there, you’d know more about it than I would!

Japan has lots of unicycling in the primary schools -at least in suburban areas- and Singapore has unicycle hockey teams. Hong Kong has even hosted the Asian Pacific unicycle hockey championships, so I’m surprised that a booming international city like Shanghai would have no unicyclists anywhere. Stranger things have happened, though.

Hi fatdou,
I came in Zhangjiagang near Shanghai, do you know if there are some unicyclist?