Just a thought.

I saw a whole bunch of shameless unicycles at FLUCK. They tend to have a KH frame and K1 hub and cranks. Why not a K1 frame and Moment Hub and Cranks?

I think that the whole idea behind the Shameless is just to get nice rim color schemes and to have that HUGE Koxx One logo on the cranks while having the totally superior KH frame that does not kill the inside of your knees. (A lot of people actually do like the Koxx One bad ass party image.)

Just wondering.


I would think it’s because the KH frame is better (the Koxx frames are either steel or XTP…) while the Koxx hub allows for shorter crank sizes and zero q-factor.

ive got the 07 kh frame / seatpost / clamp / saddle thing going on, hooked up to a koxx hub and cranks. i did this because i think the koxx cranks and hub look better and have no q factor and came in better sizes at the time.

i laced it to a shiny orange VIZ rim, rather than going with a koxx or kh rim. i did this because i liked the colour better, the drilled holes in the rim are smaller and ive heard its a great rim. i dont regret it.

The Shameless mix is a great idea. I’d also like to see a reversed Shameless… as in something like a Black Domina or XTP matched with a KH Moment wheel and steel post/fusion street combo. It’d make the BD and XTP more affordable in a sense…

I like the colour options that Viz offer, Owen, but ergh, the brakeline indicator is bad. Not even us biketrials riders like it or want it. McBendage. Sorry to be negative.

Going back to something more positive, who else thinks that a reverse Shameless would be good? The Black Domina frame is fine for normal riding but I doubt big drops is what it likes, but the XTP frame is actually damn strong contrary to the silly popular belief when I first posted up pictures of the first cracked XTP. Thinking about it logically NOW, it only makes sense that the XTP is stronger than the KH frame because it took Joe Hodges less than 6 months each to break 2 KH frames and took around the same time to only put a small crack into the 2 XTPs and are still ridden up to this day without the crack even spreading the tiniest bit (yes, we do mark the cracks with pens to see if the cracks spread over, which they haven’t for months; one XTP is over a year old and the other nearing a year old). But don’t get me wrong, the KH frame is still excellent, but I’m purely using it as a comparison to the XTP to put it into perspective.

but whatever, the price is indeed ridiculous, and i’d prefer to see Koxx put the best quality aluminium they have for their top-of-the-line uni frame just like they have for their topend bike frames.

thats fine be as negative as you want, i know its probably not as strong as other rims but it doesnt bother me at all. it’ll take any abuse that i can personally throw at it so it’s perfect for me.

I think it is no problem, and nothing new, to mix stuff from different brands. But in my eyes I dont see an advantage mixing koxx and kh. Because all parts from the KH are better and cheaper then similare parts from koxx. If you want it colourefull you just can powdercoate the stuff.

Probably because you can buy Koxx wheelsets with lots of different color rims and KH rims only come in black, and buying a ready built Koxx wheel is easier than building a KH hub into a Koxx rim. You also can’t fit KH moment cranks to Koxx hubs.

The K1 frame is just a Nimbus style frame painted black and is nothing special the XTP frame is better but expensive