i just ordered 1 the other night cant wate till it comes in :smiley: :smiley: i got the orange 1

Sweeet dude I am kind of building my own shameless. Except it is even more shamefull!

you’re all shameful, let us know how it turns out!

Ya will do man but I have no clue when it will be in its going to be a while cus I live all the way up in Canada

lol isnt shipping outrageously expensive compared to buying the parts from renegade juggling/trialsin and bedford ?

how much was your shameless?

wheel all together i thick it coasted 650 or something like that

it can already coast? wow thats cool. 650 meters or yards? Good job either way. I still need to learn how to coast… its really hard though.

Lol sarcasm is too hard to detect over the internet…

650$…like £375 off top of my head… hell of a lot!!

So um…what the heck is a ‘shameless’?




Oooh, pretty.

Tim, where did you get 607 dollars? Birthday present?

Your parents must really love you. :open_mouth:

Is that american $$ cause if it is, DAMN. :astonished:

I converted it, the price is in euros on that site.

That’s almost $1k here in Australian terms. :astonished: :astonished:

geez, that is alot in AUS dollars! :astonished:

oh yeah everything is more expensive when converted here except for things from New Zeland its about $1 AUS to $1.10 NZ

dam, no shameless for you :frowning:

not if you’re rich…
man i wish i was rich…

wot so shipping was only a tenner?

i’m guessing your price is with no shipping, or you did ur maths totally wrong