shameless plug

Sorry if this seems like hucksterism, but I did a pretty nice unicycle illustration and put it on a cafepress shop in hopes of raising the money for a new unicycle. Check it out, pleeease…

Thanks much!


good job with the art.

Thanks. I was really pleased with the way it turned out. Bunch of layers. Bunch of time. Now, I gotta order a few for myself.

Just checked out your photos. Man, one’a you guys might be the first to actually do the trick I drew!


Cool artwork. Check your PM’s

My uni-baseball jersey is on its way to me!

Greg, the art looks awesome! Huummm, the background in the art looks a tad familiar. Could that possibly be… Veteran’s Plaza, of Memphis Unicycle Club, Tuesday evening practice fame?

Great job! I can’t wait to where mine - and for the temps in Memphis to go down enough to wear a 3/4 length sleeve!


I’m a forum imbecile. What’s a PM?

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Go to “user cp” near the top; it is at the far right after you go to “user cp.”


Thanks, T.

Thanks Tommy. I too am going to be getting something. Since I have so many T-shirts, I may go for 3/4 as well. Then Tommy and I can match on our next Uni ride. It won’t really matter though by the time anyone sees me Tommy will have passed them hours earlier.:smiley:

Tommy passes everybody. He’ll now just be doing it in Uvolution style.

I’m suprised there hasn’t been more talk on this shirt. It is amazing. If you havn’t checked it out, your missing out.