Shale Shaft

The notorious Elevator Shaft used to have a long hard rocky section at the very bottom that recently was worked over by the forest service (sledge hammers et al) because a gas main runs alongside the old single track. The bedrock was mostly pulverized (for reasons unknown to me) leaving steep shale and severe riding options. A fall means a precarious run out if you can stay on your feet. Don came off at the top of one section and I swear he ran fifty yards - at about twenty-five MPH - before stopping.

Something else to do . . . At least it’s cooler now.


Shale Shaft #1.jpg

Shale Shaft #2.jpg

Just when I think the terrain you guys have can’t get any sicker, you have the feds come in and turn everything into primitive stone tools and arrowheads. Yikes!

If you jam on the brakes and lean back, is it glissadeable?