Shadow to?

Hey all, I just got my new Nimbus 29er from UDC this week! This is an upgrade from my first uni which is a Schwinn 20". I love the larger wheel and overall great quality of this new uni and can’t wait to put it through the paces.

I went ahead and ordered the Shadow handle set to go with this new purchase. I like the way it looked when watching others ride, and since long distance is my interest I thought this would help.

After setting them up initially, I couldn’t figure out the best way to get used to them. Now, I haven’t trimmed the length yet, so they stick out quite far from the saddle. I did mount the uni and take off down the road, but as soon as I grabbed the handles I veered sharply, and then…upd.

So, any suggestions on how to learn to use these things effectively? Also, what is your opinion as far as length. I don’t want to go hacking off part of the bar without knowing what I am doing. Thanks!

Very recent discussion on this topic.

Thanks Killian! I searched but didn’t find one. Migrating there now!