Shadow Mountain, SD - muni ride report & pix

This weekend, the famed Mango, Jake, and Miles took me on a stealth ninja mission through the volatile web of singletrack known as Shadow Mountain. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

Jake had this to say about it:

“…pictures would sum up the ride way better than words. The ride involved bush-whacking past no trespassing signs, onto a dirt road that leads to a trail that some downhiller’s put some serious work into. The top of the trail offers a good variety of steep and extremely fast rocky sections, smooth winding zigs, and jumps of different sizes. The bottom of the trail shoots straight down and consists of a sequence of all or nothing, 7-12 ft. boulder drops, with little to no space in between to slow down. Ladders go up and down the rocks like a fricken rollercoaster. I just stared at all of this stuff as usual. The high-light was Miles spotting his landing down an 8 ft. drop that lead immediately to what I shall call the “dial 911” rock. He got spooked by a bee and after swatting it frantically and running away, he came back and nailed the drop with a perfect landing. All in all it was a good ride, though I must admit I was pretty lazy. I’ll post pictures if I get em from Eyal.”

Thanks fellas for an awesome ride. Sorry Jerry P and others couldn’t make it due to post-fire restoration demands.







Jake with Mountain Biker

Awesome pics, Looked like a great ride!

Sweet!!! I’m jealous!! See you guys soon!

yeah, that ride was killer.

I look funny riding my muni:)

Man those drops are INSANE :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: I just got 2 more street comps for band, then I promise I’ll be riding with you guys. Actually now that I think about it this weekend is a 3 day weekend so I might be able to ride sunday.:smiley:

Wish I’d gone. That looks like a blast! Nice work, boys.


Dang, I hate missing out.

Sweet pix.

nice TR

Whats the story with that last pic??

Ya, that looks sweet. At first I thought it was Shadow Mt, South Dakota! Next time let me know when a group is heading down to SD and I’ll see if I can make it. Looks like a blast.

I must add that these pictures do not show the grand finale at the bottom of the trail. Maybe next time one of us will be in the right mood to try it. :slight_smile:

same here.

Great pics Eyal.

hmm :roll_eyes:

yeah, we saw that cross just off the side of the trail next to one of the jumps.

we were joking that it was for all the mountain bikers who had died trying it.

…I wasn’t joking.