Sh*t Unicyclists Say

Nailed it.

So true!

But really, why did Shaun delete me from facebook? :’(

I laughed out loud at Shaun’s thigns

So funny because its true :stuck_out_tongue:
I always love your vids :smiley:

The one that really got me was “Unicycling is my life, man.”

Lol’d hard

Thing that got me was the first one. We should probably do some riding xD. Me and Mike say that all the time when we go places.

I told someone that unicycling is my life just yesterday haha

lol, its even in ya signature thingy (thing under all ya posts) lol nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad everyone likes it. We wanted to make something that instantly had people saying “Haha, that’s so true” or “That’s what I say”.

For the record, Shaun hasn’t actually deleted me on Facebook. :smiley: