SFU muni

My 3rd muni trip. One of the trails was marked as a black diamond, but compared to the north shore, it really felt more like cross country.

I attached the gopro to my helmet with an adhesive mount. Next time I’m going to have to point the camera down towards the ground more, if I didn’t have someone in front of me it looks like I’m standing still, and it doesn’t do a good job of showing the obstacles.

Thanks for organizing and filming the ride, Marshall!
Interesting to see Go Pro used, and GPS plots of the hidden trails.

Normally I’m safely behind the camera, but somehow you made it look like I didn’t fall down alot. But you missed my finale.

I always say SFU is the hardest because its easy enough you can do the whole thing, so you dont get a break. I liked the last bit of ‘gear jammer’ which was flowy with midsized drops.

With me from Seattle, and Pete from Brisbane, it was a very international ride.