SF Trials Riders?


I’ve been practicing trials solo for a while, and now I wanna ride with others. Does anyone ride trials in the SF/Bay area?? Also, does anyone know of any good trials areas in SF for someone who can hop about 21"+crankgrab? Are there any places with large embedded rocks for jumping on? All I know of are playgrounds and possibly the embarcaderro.


Well i live in clayton witch is about an hour away from sf. One day i hope to take bart there. I was in the city today near the piers and stuff but i didnt see to much trials stuff but it looked like there were some good stairs and stuff to jump off of.

My friend and I (Im the only one that unis the others bike) might be going to the city on the 19th because its a three day weekend. but im not positive yet if were going but if we do do you want to go riding? Ill pm you when I know for sure.

Sure, I’ll try and get Mike Middleton to come out too. I’ve heard lots of good stuff about Justin Herman Plaza, mabey we could ride there. WHat kind of riding are you guys gonna be doing? Any trials?

Well im not much of a trials rider a little bit here and there because i cant jump very high seat out. I mostly do street and freestyle but id try trials. As for the bikers none of them ride trials they do dropoffs and ride skinnys and stuff like that.

o ya i forgot to say i was in the city on friday and it looked like some good trials on these rocks near a resturaunt called fog city it was a little park I just got 1 look at it while walking by so im not positive.

I live only 3 hours away (ONLY) but i go there often(at least once a month) on roadtrips with friends and I’d gladly do it to meet some new riders(all i have here is 2 guys that can barely ride and one whos only into freestyle) so i often go solo and San Fran is pretty fun to ride with ton of trials stuff literally everywhere ya look if youre planning on having a meet any time soon let me know in advance because id be more than willing to take a day to go down there and ride wif you guys.

Hey catboy do you go to reno high?

Nah man but i know a ton of people that go/went there. I go to Damonte. Why? Do you know any riders i could hook-up with in reno cause that would be awesome!

NO, I dont know any riders in reno but my cousin lives there, he goes to reno high, his last name is lundgren