Sexi new look

OK, me and my mate are getting our uni’s “pimped :sunglasses: .”
He’s getting white and im getting purple.

What we can’t seem to find is:
A pair of grippy purple pedals
A fusion freeride seatcover
A white handle and bumper.

If you could help with finding these last few things we need, we will be very much gratefull.

Thanks in advance

Stu and matt.

Well i hope this helps you guys

  • What if you get the pedals that come standard with the unicycle comes with and spray paint them purple.
  • As for number 3. Same as number 1.

I apoligise if this is a lame attempt but it might help you with your problems.

Take care guys

the only thing with spray painting the handle and bumper is that it will chip when it hits the floor…

I think it is going to be really hard to find these things, but you always could try your LBS. If not then for the pedals you could do this:

For the handle, I’ve never seen a white one before. My suggestion would be to do a black handle and maybe a black seat post clamp and pedals to get a cool black and white design. If not then painting an old handle is probably your only choice. If you really don’t want to paint it, then stratigically wraping white tape to make it look nice may work also.

Good luck!

find a place that fabricates plastic parts and ask them to make one for you (bring the original handle) udc has fusion seat covers

I cant find a fusion freeride seat cover.

Also, anyone no if the Qu-Ax seatclamp is aluminium. The clamp that comes with the 19" trials

Welgo’s make most coloured pedals check them out

ryan atkins ahs ppruple pedals

For pedals these should do
you can also get unsealed ones for less

I cant find the cover for a fusion freeride saddle:(

pedals in purple: …ok it’s a swiss shop, but you’ll find an other one…

you can get purple pedals from Animal a bmx company or a little more $ profile gas pedals can be ordered in purple also

fusion saddle cover.

they are the same thing as the fusion freeride and street covers, just don’t say “freeride”

kinport handles come (came?) in white. A few people at cmw had them. I don’t know if you can get them anymore though.

Ryan Atkins was using purple Jimmy C’s that someone gave him. They were special edition so I don’t know if you can still get them.


Cheers for the saddle cover link

can’t find those pedals in the UK:(

If you don’t have much luck, you might want to give electrical tape a try. alpine_uni mentioned this. It is fairly cheap and easy to remove (I think) and replace. Pedals might be tricky, especially and cant remove the pins.

Get spinners.
And put a TV on the handle.

The problem with painting the plastic bumpers is that most paints won’t bond to the plastic, so it just chips off quick. You might have some luck with Krylon Fusion paint, it’s designed to bond to plastic, and while I haven’t used it myself, I got a LOT of good feedback about it when I worked in the hardware store. It comes in the basic colours and should be available at just about any place that sells spraypaint.

I saw purple pedals at my LBS yesterday… white ones too… I’m pretty sure they were primo tenderizers.

You can get fusion covers at bedford…