Sex on a unicycle

Has anyone ever had sex while riding? Is it possible? I want to try it. My girlfriend is down, but I want to at least know what I’m getting into before trying.

this makes me “LOL”

and this is the greatest post i have ever seen on the forums as well

I suppose you could say Alister Burt and I have had sex on a unicycle.

oh dear, it’s called a private life for a reason Simon! I thought I could trust you </3

just go for it

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen this brought up on the forums jokingly, but never seriously!

To each their own, I guess.


I suppose it could be pay-per-view.


I’m thinking you need to work your way up to it.
Perhaps the first step is riding with both of you on the unicycle, fully clothed.

Like scott ttocs, I also recommend videoing it and posting it here, so the rest of us can give you some purely constructive critism. :slight_smile:

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+1, haha

Definitely practice first. Than definitely video later.

I think it’s like sex on TV:

It can’t hurt… unless you fall off! :smiley:

It has allegedly been done.
Do a search for level 11.

The last time i was having sex on a unicycle, someone shouted out to me, ‘Hey! Where’s your other person?!?!’



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Oh wow yeah practicing fully clothed. I feel like I should have thought of that. Does it still count if I’m idling and she is standing on a box (she’s 11 inches shorter than me.)?

no it wouldnt count. got do it right or dont do it at all.

true fact ^

bonus points if you’re on a giraffe!

shes gotta be on yeah dood, if you can do it on a coker i give you some mad props. Try the position where you get her against a wall but if your on the uni have her hold on to yeah a lil more haha :wink:

Thats how i have created all my little ones now

It would enhance the number of positions, if you have a touring bar.

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