Sex Change!

Went outside for 30 minutes, tried the sex change and landed it!!!

Feels just like the hickflip! yaaa!

wht do you guys think of it. 2 tricks in two days, and with my messed up seat.

heres the link!

I sound like a dork at the end lol out of breath.


OMG hahahahahaha your voice joking just joking but nice work I cant do that at all

In my opinion that is a hickflip.

i get like 120 degrees on it. ive done better. ill get a vid of me doing a better one tomarrow after school. My parents dont want me getting to exercised before i get to bed.

I wanna get an outflip tomarrow too. ill work hard!

Well you did half of a hick and half of a sexchange.

so wth would you call it? I did the same thing on my first smallspin vid. Ill just get a better vid. But i would consider that a sexchange. So wht would you personally call it? Sex Hick lol.

Outflips are easier imo. I can’t get the hickflip though. Did you learn to do sif crankflips before you learned hickflips?

Nope, its different. Some people can hickflip but cant do a normal crankflip at all. I like outflips better too, it feels more like a normal crankflip.

I dont think the trick you did should have a name, it is more like a step in the progression to landing either a hick or a SC.

Spencer how did you go about learning hickflips?

really? Ive never tried one. Just like the sex Change i was trying today.

So ill try an out flip tomarrow! Syced. Get that new vid for you Spencer. I can do a sif crankflip. Not that I think it mattered. I never really practiced it i can just do it. Doesnt feel like i crankflip at all during my hickflip. Cant wait to outflip. just worried about my broken seat. I just will try not to put pressure on it.

Never been good at body variels. Check out my video on smallspin.

I learned hicks before outflips, basically by doing a 180 unispin while pushing my front foot back and down in a sweeping motion sorta. You need to think about doing the flip first then the unispin, it will happen in one motion but if you spin it too fast then you won’t be pushing your flipping foot down as long and it might not flip the whole way.

k, i do the hickflip fairly fast. So the outflip is slower?

Stay low. Focus on the flip, then the 180. start seat in. one handed right?

I am pretty sure that wasn’t a small spin, it looked inward (meaning you spin the opposite direction of the uni). Its hard to get tricks to be a full 180, almost everyone just gets close and says its good enough.

I dont think an outflip is slower, just the way you flip it feels more like a normal crankflip since you are sitting on the uni the same way.

yea, that was an inward small spin as cody told me. He says the other way is a lot easier. Havnt tried it lol. No doubt i can prolly do it. So like most people we improve and get better on perfecting, main word perfecting our tricks like my sex change.

Soit is in one motion as is the hickflip. does it feel weird to land or something.

sounds medium difficulty, i wont know untill i try. I might now even be able to do it lol.