Several Questions...

  1. When I am done unicycling, I hang my uni up on this hook on the rafters in my garage. Could this do anything to mess with the rim or spokes?
    1b. Would a unicycle stand be a good investment?
  2. I use a brick to curbmount when I ride around my driveway. Could this do anything bad to the tire (pointy edge of brick poking holes)?
    2b. How important is keeping up tire pressure?
  1. NO not unless theres a ton of wait on it
    1b. NO
  2. NAY
    2b. keep it at your favourite PSI ALWAYS
  1. no
    1b. hardly
  2. no
    2b. different pressure for different types of riding – experiment and learn

yes i agree with the others. On the last point if the tyre is too flat damage will result and the uni will be very hard to ride.

I’m going to disagree with some of the previous answers.

  1. If you’re hanging the unicycle upside down AND that hook is metal, you might damage a paint or chrome coating on the rim.
    1b. No.
  2. No.
    2b. Keeping up, as in every day, even if you don’t ride that day? That’s not important. However, having the pressure too low when you ride has several disadvantages:
    a. The ride is more difficult and squirrely. The uni is not as responsive to steering.
    b. Risk of a punctured tyre if you “bottom out”, i.e. the rim hits the riding surface with only the folded tyre in betwee.
    c. More wear to your tyre.

Hawo friend. :smiley:
1) Make sure your hooks are as sturdy as a rock so they don’t bend one day and somewhat bend/snap your spoke and wreck your rim.
2) That would be a bad investment for you my friend.
3) I would think not.
4) Well unless you want to run on a flat. Keep it pressurized to your favourite. Like what patsandy100 and kington99 said. :smiley:

Hoped this helped somewhat my friend. :smiley:

  1. I doubt it
    1b. Not at all. they’re stupid
  2. No
    2b. It is very important. But a somewhat high somewhat low is probably a good psi. The one type of unicycling you really have to worry about psi is trials.

altogether, don’t worry bout it