seven continents on a unicycle

Hey everybody,
I have started a solo trip to ride my unicycle on all seven continents, including Antarctica! I was in Vancouver for the muni weekend and now I am in Sweden. Vancouver was a lot of fun with over 50 of us riding unicycle. I would like to find and ride with riders from all over the world. So if there are any riders in the Stockholm area reading this or you know of any please
e-mail me, I am not travelling by any itinerary but plan to be here for about ten days. Eastern Europe is my initial direction and I could be persuaded to travel to a particular destination if there is a ride to be had.

I will try to post info here as to where I am going next with as much notice as possible. Please pass this info on to those you know it would be greatly appreciated.

Wow, the plan sounds great. If by any chance you visit Krakow let us know :slight_smile:

Wow awesome bro!

If you are around São Paulo just let me know! I may be able to get places to stay around Brazil on other riders places… I just can’t confirm anything without talking to them!

I’ll be out from Dec 20 to Feb 4th riding in Europe… Any other dates, you have a bed in my place! Let me know about your plans for South America… I know lots of riders around!

Also there will be the Latin American Championship in Chile around easter time 2011… You’re welcome there too :D!

Anything, just mail me:

Have a great time over there!

Pedro :smiley:

=) Sep!!! antarctica?? yes, your the best! =)

here in liechtenstein/switzerland we’ll ride with you for sure!

Totally cool! I have a similar goal to run a marathon or greater on each Continent. Along the way I figured I’d bring my unicycle with me so I could ride my unicycle on each Continent as well. Unfortunatley I couldn’t get Antarctica during my trip there this past March for the Antarctica Marathon. The Antarctica Treaty was very restrictive forbade anything but foot travel so I wasn’t allowed to take my unicycle there to ride! :frowning: I didn’t have enough space anyhow as the amount of luggage was extremely restricted by size and weight. Perhaps some day? I’m from the U.S. so I have that Continent covered and I’m heading to Greece next week so I’ll have Europe. BTW, how are you doing Antarctica? Just curious.

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Sep’s World Tour!

seven continents

Hey you guys, I am in Amsterdam now and should be there in a couple of weeks!I will keep you posted. Please write back to my e-mail,

Cheers, Sep

seven continents

Antarctica seems possible just depends on which company. If you really want to know I will let you know when I book the company.
Cheers, Sep

Yeah, I think it shouldn’t really be a problem. I went through MarathonTours company as they’re the ones that put on the Antarctica Marathon. I asked if I could bring my Uni and have a chance to actually ride on land but was told explicitly not too. I think the main issue was that the race was under intense scrutiny this year by the U.N. so they didn’t want to risk anything jeopardizing the event for the future (nor did I!!). Also we had severe weight limitations on what we could bring. I was barely under the weight limit on my luggate as it was and I used all the gear I brought! So substituting some of that gear for even a small and light uniycle would have been just about impossible. Still, I’m sure other tour packages would work. The main question then is would you count Antarctica as one of the islands i.e. King George or one of the other South Shetlands? Or would you require an actual Continent landing? Being a purist I think a proper Continent landing/riding would be in order, though probably anything in the Antarctica zone would technically count right?

Good luck! I’d love to get back to the Antarctica region again someday but it may be a long while. I have other fish to fry… :slight_smile: