Setting up a trials competition questions

Hi Everyone,

On June 3, 2006 I am organizing the Los Angeles Unicycle Roundup with the help of John Long (vivalargo). As part of the activities we are working towards doing a trials competition on the man made rock formations around the children’s play area.

I am looking for suggestions on how to set up the scoring for the competition. One way would be to use the Kris Holm trials rules found here However, this is a small affair and I don’t think we need all the rules and penalties at this time.

At the Cal MUni weekend last year, the trials competition scoring system was really simple and seemed to work very well. Riders were given a certain amount of time to ride all the sections. I think it was an hour. Each time a rider completed a section, they received one point from an observer/judge. Riders could attempt a section as many times as they wanted. I am leaning towards this idea, but I am also looking for any other ideas that could be considered.

Also, there are some very strong riders in the trials group that might be able to clean all the sections. Does anyone have any ideas for a tie breaker?

Finally, I am considering using chalk to mark the sections. At the Keyesville trials competition, the sections were laide out using plastic ribbon that was taped down onto the rocks with duct tape. Does anyone have any other suggestions? The man made rock formations are made out of concrete, but from a few feet away, they appear to be real.


Hmm, i don’t think you need too many rules.

First select a line, the difficulty of it shouldn’t really matter, some lines will be hard, some will be easy. IF the ride can make that line without wrecking, let say they get 5 points, if they make it without wrecking but it was sloppy, 4 points, if it takes 2 tries to get the line, 3 points, If they use 3 tries to get the line, 2 points. If it takes anything more than 3 times to get the line, 1 point.

You may want to section difficulties though, just to be fair, some people wont be able to ever clear the lines some are clearing without another few months of practice.

A tiebreaker could be adding street into the trials, jump from this rock to this rock while doing a unispin, but then again, not everyone can bust out street\freestyle moves. Another way could be to get chalk, and put them on the tire, so have one person go first, and when he jumps hell leave an imprint on where he jumped and landed, have the other guy try to make the same line, Like the game HORSE used in skateboarding and basketball.

You could also lean more towards the biketrial set of rules, which has dabs. This all very much depends on the skill level of your riders, and the difficulty of the sections. In biketrialing, when you put your foot on the ground, one point is substracted from a total of five. Putting both feet on the ground means losing all five points. Ofcourse this idea doesn’t work directly for unicycles because when we dismount, we put both feet on the ground straight away. You could just make it -1 for each dismount. You can fiddle with lots of things.

If i tie was to occur maybe consider getting the tied riders to attempt a moderately difficult line, but time them. The rider with the quickest time wins the comp.

Another good tie breaker would be to do a least hops rule. Whoever uses the least amount of hops wins. This would clean up the line by getting rid of all those hops used to gain balance.

Once again this one dthem redoing a line and each person may want to do a different line so a substitute to this could be a still stand competition or counting a long or high jump scores into the trials competition.

My personal favourite tie breaker is Rock Paper Scissors. I do believe that Kris Holm and Ryan Atkins have settled a tie this way, and I myself had a three way tie at TOque 2005 for second place in Sport Trials, we decided it by rock paper scissors. I think that according to Kris’s rules, the tie breaker is to be decided by the riders that tie. However, RPS is my favourite.


another good tie breaker: have an nearly impossible “bonus” line that can only be completed after all the others. if a tie still results. rock/paper/scissors is a sensible method.

I don’t know if they use this in trials comps or not, but I think if two+ people cleared the same section, a tie breaker could be whoever can clear that section in the least amount of hops, corrective hops, etc.

EDIT: never mind.

Well for a trie breaker the 2 or more who tied could have a short street comp…That was the trials riders have to be more rounded…

I think the easiest set of rules would be the ones you have in your first post.

Riders have as many tries as they can to clear as many sections as they can in a given time limit. Depending how many sections there are, im thinking an hour might be too short.

The good thing about this method is that you dont need alot of judges to be watching over every section. At NAUCC 2005 you had a little check sheet, and another rider participating in the competition would watch you attempt a section. If you were successful they would sign there name next to the section # (all sections had numbers).

There are no partial credit points, you either clear the entire section or you dont. All sections were worth 1 point.

For judging, I would have maybe 3 categories (beginner, sport, pro like in bike trials for example. or just beginner, intermediate, advanced). Another option could be age groups, although I think categories would be better.

You could put a B, I, A on each section to point out its difficulty. Also i remember at nationals (05), there was more than line on the same set of obstacles (just a harder variation of it).

As for ties i would say let the riders decide, or make sure to make some sections hard enough that even they might not beable to complete it.

Im guessing you might already know all this, but i hope my post wasnt totally useless.

The trials rules that you linked there are actually out of date. The one point per line scoring method that you mention is in fact the latest incarnation of the KH trials scoring system. Having been involved in setting up a lot of trials comps, I would recommend the latest KH rules.

The only thing required to set up such a competition are some clear line descriptions. Tape or other markings are not always necessary, if the lines are clearly described. Good lines often consist of very simple instructions, IE: “get to top of pole”, or, “get from this rock to that rock without touching the ground” (as long as it is clearly indicated which poles and rocks are in question). The idea is to define a challenge and let riders creatively find a solution.

Thanks everyone. All the responses are very helpful. I really appreciate all the help!:slight_smile: