Setting up a trial giraffe

Im setting up a trials giraffe…

I recently bougth a 1,50m DM one, in my opinion one of the heaviest and strongest giraffe frames!!

I would like to upgrade the necessary parts like wheel, the cranks and the hub.

Wheel: I´ve builded a wheel with a monty x-lite and a shimano deore front hub with disk brake mount.

My idea is to make a fixed gear dilling a cog and bolting it into the hub.


What do you think??

Any of you know paul the guy who performed at the muni trials convention with a custom trials giraffe?? I was so cool…

I need some help to choose the crank measure and size of cog…



Sounds fun. I wanna see some pedalgrabs to rubber when you are finished building it.

I was doing small trials on my giraffe a long time ago. I am never ever going to do it again. Normally falling off of 2 pallets is not a big deal but when your wheel is stuck and you are already 5 feet in the air you dont just fall down, you get catapulted really far to the side. That happened to me and I landed on another unicycle. So have fun;)

Bolting the gear to the disk brake mount is an inspired idea, I always wanted to build a Muni giraffe and now I know how. The DM frames are very sturdy, not like my TX, I’ve seen DMs hopped up curbs a lot even in standard form. Seriously though, get some serious protection if you’re going to do trials on this things, I spent the whole of this morning in hospital getting a uncycling injury checked out and it’s not much fun.

hmm, I have hopped up alot of curbs on my TX and it didn’t break.

Yeah sure, I didn’t mean those two things to be directly connected, I’m not saying the TX can’t do curbs, but the DM is deffinitely a much stronger frame. A friend of mine bent the bottom bracket on his TX hopping curbs, and it does feel like the frame flexes alot when i try and hop on it. But then i probably weigh twice what you do.