Sets Mondain to Sets Insane?

Hey everyone,

I’m curious to know what size stair set do you start to consider it to be insane. Personally I think that a 5 set is mondain and a 6 set is insane. (Well, every stair set is different but yeah.) This is mostly disreguarding tricks. That’s just what I was thinking about. Six sets are the hotts!

-Shaun Johanneson

I just jumped a kind of big 6 stair the other day (picture below). It was hard because i only had enough room to pedal 2 revolutions. I think 7 or 8 stairs is when it starts getting insane, depending the size of the step. maybe 6s too.

6 stair jump.jpg

never tried more than 5 stairs… i landed it my first time. too scared to try anything bigger lol

I like 5s, but I’d like to know what the most stairs cleared record is atm.

I think the most stairs cleared is like 12 or 13…I think that 6 is pretty big and it just gets better from there.


Four sets are the biggest I have done, and eight seem like the point where I start to think people are insane, but it really depends on the stairs. Actualy alot of six sets I see look pretty insane but they still seem doable, just not ready to try them without splined cranks.

I’ve cleared a seven. I consider it a big set if I can’t clear it.

6 is getting towards insanity…I’ve cleared a 7, and that felt really insane. I want to try an 8 stair, but theres no good ones around here that I can find.

Thomas Petracco gaps down a huge 10 set in one of his Koxx vids!!

I’ve done a 5 set, and that’s pretty easy. Can’t really find any good 6+ sets here.

I’ve 180’d a 5 set, that felt pretty insane at the time, but I did land it 2nd time and then 2 more after that. I’ve landed a 7 set once, but the steps are really narrow so it was only 3-4ft of distance. That was def. Insane, I only tried it after watching defect a billion times then going riding. Haven’t managed to pluck up the courage to try it again, I might do it and film it today.

EDIT: Remembered I filmed (DIVX) the original 7 set. You can see how short the distance is by the fact I drop from static. (For those not wanting to see my ‘build up the courage’ prehops, the actual drop starts at 19 seconds)


before i tried that i would make sure i have life insurance :astonished: just joking

wow, people think six is insane? I’ve got a couple sixes (easy ones) and I’m going to do this bigger one that I found when it warms up. five is pretty mundane, and I think eight is insane. I’ve looked at an eight, but there’s no way I’ll do it soon. I need to work my 180s for bigger sets though. I’m only at big 4sets now.

If youre just talking about cruising down a stair set normal (no tricks) then anything over 10 is pretty insane. But at what point do you guys draw the line? I do see some skill in going big but not enough to justify the damage im doing to my uni (and maybe knees?). Perhaps id do just one HUGE stair set just for a video and thats it. That really hits it home for skeptacle non-uniers too.

What i appreciate alot more are tricks down 5sets to about 7 sets.


I can easily do fives, easy, but I’ve never done 6+, mainly beacuse there just aren’t any around here.

For me, 6 is big because I’ve never done it, but from what I’ve seen I would say 8 is starting insane.

I think by ‘insane’ he means that if you screw up you could hurt yourself pretty bad. five stairs, it’d be hard, but if you bail while flying down a six stair you can potentially hit the ground very hard.

ah. ok, that makes more sense. it seems to me that 6 sets shouldn’t be too hard, and most people who try could do them. I did my first a long time ago (last year, i think) but it was a small one. I need to find a good 7 set to try.

I’ve 180’d a 5.

But I really need to find a 6…

When I was first trying to jump a 5 like 2 years ago I hit the bottom step and face planted, and bent my seatpost… so I’m a little weary of higher stairs than I can do. But I’m sure I can do it.

theres a 4 at my moms apartment that ive tried a few times and landed once, but oddly enough everytime that i didnt land it i was pedalling like crazy but then i started aproaching it way slower and i thought i would hit the last step but still went for it and landed it.and then theres a 4 on my dads deck that i clear everytime, its 4 stairs long but about as high as a 3

I only ride Muni with any dedication so anything beyond 5 is pretty pointless, Muni wise, since I’ll never go bigger than that on an actual trail–and the few time I ever have it’s usually into a step, soft rollout. But I’ve found that getting super solid on just 4 (all hucked on a 24 Muni)–taking off from any crank orientation and at all kinds of odd angles–gives a lot of confidence for busting out the rolling drops on the trail.

But a larger issue is not what you can get away one or even ten times, but what happens to your lower back over a period of years. It’s not the distance of a big stair gap, rather the size of the drop to flat, that can really cook your back over time. This was a problem that came to light with a lot of old rock climbers (like me) who used to jump off boulders from way up. Didn’t feel a thing at the time, but later, all of have disk damage from all that impact over many years. Anytime you’re go big to flat, you’re using one of your limited “lives” so far as your back goes. No mater who you are, those disks can only sustain so much compression before bad things start happening, thing sthat might not show up for years.