set video

I went filming for the seven set today and then decided to make a stairset video. It’s got old stuff, new stuff, stuff my brother does, and a random weird cart thingy. 2 minutes, thirty megabytes.

a seven stair is what kronked my KH crank arm too…yucky stuff.

Whoa, I didn’t think a seven was that big…awsome.

yeah, it was big.

I think I should give some credits, since I forgot to put them in the movie. I made it in a hurry, and then I uploaded it in a hurry and posted it in a hurry.

Anyway: the kid in the orange shirt is my brother, Forest Johnson, the rider in the blue shirt is me, and the camerawork is done by Jonathan Ventrella, who deserves credit and has a green torker.

All the yelling was my dad, who works in the building we were next to for the 7 set. He yells a lot, but that’s cool.

Quicktime? Ewww.

windoze media? ewww.

Sorry, I have a mac and like quicktime. I think I might make a smaller version though, 30 megs is a lot for a dial up connection.

that was some sweet riding, i neverknew a movie about stairs could be that interesting;) that has motivated me to go hit the stairs at my school:)

Yeah my computer doesn’t like mov.

I might have to reinstall quicktime…

If somebody could make a wmv out of it that would be fine for me, but I don’t have anything to do it with.

I prefer watching unicycle movies in quicktime, because you can go frame by frame.

yo bent your cranks on a 7 !? wow that’s harsh man… neways pimp out shit yo… do that handral/ledge next to the 7 :smiley:

That QuickTime and wmv probs are one of the reasons why we made :slight_smile:
Please let me know if I should download, convert and upload it ?

Oh, sure that would be great. sounds good to me.

Why do you talk? seriously…
Fuego, that is awesome…I wish I could do rolling hops like that…I can’t timethem at all, unless the pedal position jsut happens to be perfect

Neither can I, The idea is to time them before hand.

Pardon the threadjack, but how do people use it for muni and such then?
I’ve always thought that rolling hops were mostly used for muni-ing…correct me if I’m wrong please?

From the little muni ive done, i use rolling hops just to get over bigger roots and rocks, cause if i try to just run right through the objects it will stop the uni and fling me off, so a little hop is all i need to get over it

Rolling hops are by no means mostly for muni, but they are helpful. Either you learn to jump any pedal postion (Kris Holm does, I don’t) or you simply set up you pedals. I’ve become very good at judging the distance, so I’ll hop forward a little untill I’m about one wheel revolution away, then jump. That usually works for the not so hard stuff, but if it’s really technical for you, you might as well just get off and set your pedals up good.

I can jump higher rolling that static, rolling hops are useful in trials and almost necessary in street.

wmv and mov

Just for your update, SET is now available also on as wmv (7,5MB)

So also Dial up should be possible.

good job dude. that stuff was right on. now lets see a 8 stair :slight_smile: