set up

what is your set up for all of your unicycles and what would you change.

mine is
MUni-trials: 07 dx 24in, stock wheel longer dx cranks, small block 8 set up as tubless, crank bros 50/50 pedals, stock seat post, and kh freeride seat. i would change the tire it is good for everything but snow and mud. any ideas?

lerning-play: sun 20in, stock wheel and old trials wheel, stock cranks and my old dx ones, kenda small block 8 on both wheels, cheap welgo pedals, stock seat post and seat. i would change seat and pedals.

also have a stock 70 uni

if you have a picture of them post that to if you want

Touring: Nightrider 36" with t7 handel, 2 bottle holders and small seatbag. without brake (I’d like to get a break then I might not need the 170mm cranks i’ve got on it)

XC and Muni: Nimbus 29er with exiwolf tire and 170mm cranks. (I’d like a stonger rim)

B-ball: Schwinn 24" with Yuni frame and 150mm cranks.

Freestyle: Schwinn 20" with white primo (the wall) tire, 125mm cranks.

Goofing off and stunts: Nimbus Trails with twisted pair and 125mm cranks. (this is a strong reliable ride)

Showing off: Torker TX 5ft giraffe (any giraffe is better than this one but it will do)

Absurtity: I’ve got a 12" and I keep the seat all the way down jut for giggles.

Yes, I said Schwinn twice in that list, I like 'em.

Hey, Knoxuni you arn’t from Knoxville are you? We should ride.

yes sir i am i am in west knox

Muni: custom KH 08 with nimbus orange frame, 137/165mm moments, (I would change the frame to a KH and get 125/150mm moments)

Trials: custom KH, 09 KH street with carbon fiber seat base and cut fome, custom anodized red frame, Wheelset: Red nipples, red rim tape, Ti hub, 125mm moments, stock color 09 KH rim, odyssy pedals (dream set up almost) (would change Rim color to green, 137mm moments or tensils, try-all sticky light from a CC, pedals to twisted PC’s)

Trials: -KH street seat with CF base + KH 2010 seatpost — No changes

  • KH 2005 frame rewelded as a Longneck — Triton longneck
  • KH 2007 moment hub — KH moment 2010
  • KH 2007 rim — Go back to my 2009 rim
  • Monty 2.7 old school tire — Luna? I haven’t found any better tire yet
  • Tensile cranks + MG-4 pedals — Moment cranks(my tensiles are bent) + ECHO TR

Muni: - Cutted Coker seat + Nimbus post — CF seatbase

  • Nimbus 24" Muni frame — KH 2010 frame
  • Torker hub + cranks — KH 2010 Moment + KH moment 150mm
  • DX32 rim — Surly Large Marge!
  • Magura HS-22 Raceline Brake — No change
  • IRC Kujo Dh tire — No change
  • Odyssey Jim C. With super long pins — No change

Those are what would be my dream setup… They’re probably going to get real soon, partialy:p

Before the — it’s my Actual setup and after it’s my “dream” setup.

custom 19" kh trials uni (old school)

custom miyata with cf base — no change
kh '04 seatpost — no change
kh '04 clamp — koxx one clamp white
kh '04 frame — PC/ maybe in a few years to an impact frame
Maxxis CC worn — try all stiky/try all stiky light
KH '09 rim — no change
KH 14g spokes—no change
Kh MOMENT chromo hub 09 — no change
KH NUBLESS SYM cranks: koxx one light cranks/kh moments
JIM Cs metal pedals: no change for now

24" Nimbus II Cruiser - stock - Change: Muni Tire
20" Nimbus II freestyle - stock - Change: Wider rim (like on new KH 20" Flat)
29" Nimbus Road - Fusion Freeride seat (customized foam), 2" Big Apple tire, 26" Tube. Change: Add brakes

-Nimbus Gel saddle — Impact naomi saddle soon! :slight_smile:
-Nimbus seatclamp black — Impact Clamp white (to go with a black and white themed uni!)
-Nimbus frame, black — KH frame, powdercoated black would be sick.
-Creepy Crawler tyre — MEC or tryall soon, probably MEC :slight_smile:
-Nimbus wheelset — nothing really, I should get it trued/tightened, maybe a white and wider rim would be good, not too bothered though
-KH Moment cranks — no change.
-Translucent blue wellgo “savage” pedals — Echo TR blue pedals sooon! :smiley:

Impact seat
impact seatclamp
KH longneck frame
MEC tyre
nimbus wheelset (need a few new spokes)
venture cranks (want tensiles)
Those odessey metal pedals

My pretty much ideal Trials setup.

  • KH08 longneck
  • CF base with naomi foam and KH cover with trimmed bumpers.
  • Tryall seatpost
  • KH07 rim/Double Butted 14G spokes/Exceed Ti hub/Ti bolts/V!Z rimtape (KH09 rim would be nicer)
  • Tryall sticky Lite
  • Wellgo MG-1 (could be Echo SL. Donations?)

Brendan! how is the sticky lite? :slight_smile:
very nice setup you have there! how much does it weigh? im guessing at 4.2kg?

just put on a new tire on my 70s schwin

my trials
seat- pure plastic with drilled bumpers, blue KH cover
post- custom alu short
clamp- drilled double bolt (blue)
frame- EB carbon longneck (blue crown)
hub- koxx 32H
spokes- Double butted black w/ blue nipples
rim- echo SL (black) w/ blue rimstrip
cranks- isis light
pedals- varies
tire- cc or try all light soon :wink:

the top 4 items weigh a grand total of 2.01 lbs :smiley: havnt fully built the wheelset yet so i dont have a final weight

dang that LIGHT

24" street
Krisholm street saddle 2009
bedford cut superlow becaused im short
bedford double bolt clamp
bedford 24" steel chromo frame (going to polish tommorow)
24x2.4 maxxisss holy roller street tire
AlEXDX32 RIM black 36 hole
bedford steel spokes
suzuesquare tapered hub
no name square tapered cranks one slightly bent
oddyssey chameleon pedals/haro bmx pedals

eventually i’d like to upgrade by selling this whole thing and buying a qu ax series 26" street MUni

stock bedford 19"

4.3 kg! The sticky lite seems very nice after 1 ride. Riding at 35 psi and it feels good. Haven’t tried riding it that hard though.

my (realistic) dream street/flat/trials set up would be:

impact saddle-white
qu ax rienforced seatpost
qu ax series double bolt clamp-white
qu ax series longneck frame-white
try all white stiky tire
koxx one street rim-undrilled-orange
koxx one spokes
koxx one hub rienforced
impact groovy cranks
impact white allbran pedals

Im getting closer to the perfect uni for me! :smiley:
my new impact saddle and clamp are ordered! :slight_smile:

Nice, I brought a impact seat and I reckon its way better then my nimbus one. :slight_smile: