Set of new 14 ga DT swiss spokes/nipples for KH 29 rim, $20

Building a KH 29 wheel and HATE :angry: the stock 13 ga KH spokes ($1.80 each) and paper thin crappy nipples that you can only find at UDC???

I have a new set of 36ea DT Swiss Champion (straight gauge) black spokes and chromed brass nipples for sale. The spokes are factory cut at 297mm long. These are the right length for building a KH 29 rim and KH Moment ISIS hub -or- UDC wide hub(square taper) in a FOUR-CROSS pattern.

$20 plus shipping

I’ve built three of these up with this length of spoke and it lands the threaded spoke end just at the bottom of the screw driver slot in the nipple when the wheel is fully tensioned. And unlike the stock KH nipples, you can go back and adjust the tension many times without worrying about deforming the paper thin KH nipples.





Still available, now $20 shipped to anywhere in the US