Serving drinks on a uni?!

so I was asked by this eventcompany for a convention in 2 weeks to serve drinks while riding my unicycle. There will be aprox. 550 people.
Does anybody have experience or advise for this kind of thing??
I guess Ill be better off riding my cheap 20" Chrome Crapuni instead of the 20" quax trials. (although the quax is far cooler)
Ill be practising to idle with a tray with 5 Beer on it and stuff like that but I would be glad to get some advise from you guys.

lol practice idling alot and going backwards… good luck to you !

problem will be the space. If there is enough have some lined routes on the floor where ppl stand by to receive a drink coz there will be no way you can go through ppl idle and serve. You’ll be taking out shins.

Leo does that as part of his act - with a teapot on top of his head, pouring into a cup in his hand. Quite cool. Have a look on, he’s bound to have a pic or a clip on there.