Servern Wheelers hockey tournament, 2009-11-07, Bristol UK

I’ve already posted this in the News and Announcements forum, but in case anyone didn’t see it there…

Severn Wheelers are hosting a unicycle hockey tournament in Bristol as part of the British league. The hall is booked from 1pm to 7pm on the 7th of November, but that doesn’t leave a lot of spare time, so please try to arrive before 1pm. There is space for up to 8 teams, and the cost is a very reasonable 20 pounds per team.

Venue address:
Easton Leisure Centre
Thrissell Street

I don’t read the forums as often as I should, so to reserve a place for your team, please email me directly at If you can bring goals, please let me know, as the goals Severn Wheelers normally play with are very small, which might give us rather an unfair advantage.