seriously i need stregenth

i have been doing like 6-8 foot drops. would a nimbus round crown frame hold up and what would be the best wheel and crank combo for stuff like this. light would be nice but i dont want to sacrifice stregenth.


You need to learn to land smoother.

48 spoke Qu-ax unis are very beefy.

Well from your other posts it sounds like you have a torker dx. Did your frame break? I use the nimbus round crown frame and it is pretty nice for trials. It’s probably just as strong as the dx frame and a bit lighter. If your frame isn’t broke I wouldn’t do though it unless that money is really burning a hole in your pocket.

Im selling a Kris Holm trials Uni It would hold up to your abuse. PM me if your interested. you could buy the whole thing or just the wheel/cranks/pedals

well for starters i do not like the square crown i want a round crown. also i it is beat up and has some cracks i also want lighter.i have been riding it for like 2 1/2-3 years so i am going to build a whole new uni.

Get any round crown frame you like. Then get a Koxx one wheelset. Slap on a decent post/saddle and you have yourself a very sturdy unicycle.

Talk to Renegadejuggling for info on the K1 parts. Everything else is up to you

sounds like a plan to me!:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually not very strong.

Week hubset, I would not suggest this route.

Wait, you guys are calling the KH weak and the K1 strong? Bah. The K1 is more expensive and about equal to the KH. But that’s an old argument that never gets settled.

Unless you have terrible form on your drops, frames dont brake from drops. The wheel does. You can probably take almost any frame down any drop and it will be fine.

The uni they linked to had KH/onza cranks, a lot of people have bent them.

Only the earlier batch where the crank walls were 1.6mm thick. Kris bumped them up to 1.8mm and nobody was bending them anymore.

So do you know which one this is?