Serious Torker Bearing help.

Okay, I ordered some bearings for my torker DX going by the exact bearing size labeled around the bearing seal.


Anyways when they came in the mai I quickly tore of the old broken bearing, and slaped on the new one, but to my dismay, it didn’t fit, I then examined the bearing, and it had some weird ass numbers along it i’ve never seen, so I called the the place I purchased them from and they assured me they were the correct size, and I must have an un-standard size which they don’t carry, but they were incredibly cool about it, and told me to just keep the bearings and credited my acount.

(please give me a moment to selflessly promote for there stellar customer support)

Anyhow, I just need help! I really need a new bearing for my DX, any other dx owners out there that have found bearings for theres i’d greatly apretiate to know where from!

P.S. The bearings I ordered were the correct width, and OD the ID was just to small by about a mm or two.

Yes, that bearing size has been a problem. It’s a nonstandard size. The Torker DX bearing has a 40mm OD and a 20mm ID. A standard 6203 bearing has a 40mm OD and a 19mm ID.

I just called Torker USA (Seattle Bike Supply) and asked their sales department. They carry a replacement bearing for the Torker DX. It’s not in their current catalog so the bike shop will have to call SBS (Seattle Bike Supply) to get the part number and order it. So the solution appears to be to have your local bike shop order it from Torker USA.

I don’t know how much the replacement bearings are through Torker USA. You’ll have to find that out from your bike shop. At least replacement bearings seem to be available. Will the first person who manages to get a replacement DX bearing from Torker please confirm?

The other option is to follow Jagur’s idea in this thread: Where Can I buy Torker DX bearings? and file down the splines so that a standard 6203 bearing (40mm OD, 19mm ID, 12mm width) will fit on the hub.

If you don’t want to go at it by hand with a file you may be able to get a machine shop to do it. An automotive machine shop will have a lathe and maybe they can fit a 20" wheel on the lathe but doubtful a 24" wheel would fit.

But careful work by hand with a file should get it all to fit and then you’ll be able to use the bog standard 6203 bearings which you can get for cheap (and that you already have on hand).

Otherwise you’re going to be forever relying on Torker to stock that magical bearing size that they use on the DX. At some time in the future it’s not going to be available any longer.

I would shave down the splines, but i’m afraid that wouldn’t even be small enough, the standard 6203-2RS bearing wont even fit over the first set of splines, and although the picture of the second set splines in that thread look incriminating, they actually don’t stick out that much, a 1/4 of a mm at most. I still need 3/4 of a mm. or the correct bearing ^^.

JC, being the ONLY main man is rarely incorrect. However, a standard 6203 bearing has a 17mm ID.

And there are other versions of the 6203 bearing. The last 40mm x 19mm bearings I bought were labeled 6203 2RS C3 3/4 SRI2 and the bearing house refers to them as 6203-3/4inch.
The main thing to remember is, sometimes several bearing sizes share the same seal, so don’t order replacements from the seal number alone.


get 40x19mm bearings and it work, sounds like you have 40x17mm…bad boy.

My bad. There’s different flavors of 6203 bearings. The bog standard 6203 bearing has a 17mm ID. They also make a 6203 bearing that has a 19.05mm (3/4 inch) ID but that’s not your typical 6203. If you want the 3/4 inch ID version you have to specifically ask for it. If you just ask for a 6203 bearing you’re going to get the 17mm ID flavor.

Damn bearing standards.

The good news is that the order of 17mm ID 6203 bearings you have can be used on unicycles with a standard square taper hub (freestyle unicycles, Cokers, 29ers, etc.). So the bearings aren’t useless and are actually handy to have around if you’re a unicyclist.

Yeah well i’ll trade anyone two standard size unicycle bearings for one DX size, pluss i’ll pay for all shipping charges.

If you do that, you’ll still need one more DX bearing :smiley:

Nah, I got one good bearing, the seal on the other one busted.


Good luck. I’ve got a bearing ordered from When it gets to me is anybody’s guess. They seem like nice people and I believe they are really trying to help. I think it’s time we faced the music and admit Torker has ripped us off with their sneaky secret sized bearing ruse. I think we should get the word out to the rest of the world to boycott Torker. From what I’ve seen elsewhere in these forums, there’s a lot of unhappy Torker owners out there. They got me once, they’ll never get me again. If I can’t get a bearing soon, I plan on removing the rim and spokes, then having a machine shop turn down the axle to accept a 19mm ID X 40mm OD X 12mm bearing. But only ‘IF’ I can purchase a bearing of that size locally. True, it’ll be some work and cost a little money, as I’ll have to take the rim to a bike shop to have it relaced and trued, but then I won’t be held captive by Torkers sneaky bearing monopoly.

Part# is 132294 Any LBS should be able to get it from Seattle Bike Supply.

Here’s a thread about it.

its hardly that serious… Torker has done alot of good things for unicycling in the last couple years now and their choice of bearing size is not standard but since it is availible from Torker dealers, its hardly fair to shout “boycott”

on the cool side, if Torker didnt do this size we wouldnt have a way to mount KH splined axles to frames with 40mm bearing holders flawlessly.

it took me a couple weeks but i now have 3 pairs of the Torker 40mm x 20mm bearings. (10 bucks a pair, no shipping)

The only way you’ll break Torker bearings is by tightening the bearing caps too much.

I own and have owned 4 Torker DX’s, and I’ve had one for almost two years and the bearings are still perfect. I am happy with Torker unicycles, specifically the new 06 DX’s, for the price.