Serious Riders

I’m looking for serious riders to keep in contact with. Now i’ve seen the pro skateboarders and bikers, and they are godly, also most are in there upper 20’s. not all but most. Ok, with that being said, Dan Heaton is good, and is currently leading the sport, only at age 21. This sport is so young that any of us can step up and shape it into the sport that skateboarding and biking is today. Tricks like a 180 crank grap, 180 varial out. Or seat out in front rolling frame spin jump. Or 540 unispin onto foot tire, 540 unispin out. Seems all difficult, but nothing practice can’t help. I’m working on all the tricks the seem really harder, i want the 540 unispin foot tricks, as well as reverse rail slids. I want to take this sport (in the freestyle, street class) to a new level. Dan’s leading it now and i want to join him. Anybody else as serious as me, talk to me.

you really need to chillax man.

i dont think dan is even as serious as you are.

and street is always going to a new level. its not gonna happen overnight.

you need to keep being creative. get some tricks on tape. and tell everyone you can.

i can 180 grind a few rails too.

anyways keep practicin

So when is Hazard coming out and when’s the trailer gonna be fixed?


holy crap

chill out

if your good then you good

hey buddy, how old are you? did you know that slide is spelt with an e? yeah its weird eh? your one crazy mofo… i cant wait till you take this sport to the next level!!! im soo excited!

P.S. i hope your old enough to understand sarcasm

I am very serious and I am already at the next level and approaching the one beyond that.

maybe we should all take it easy on unifreak7 after all how many of us at one point or another have really wanted to land a “seat out in front rolling frame spin jump” i know i want to, whatever the trick is

Well, I’ve been getting serious into the sport but that’s only because i don’t have any friends…

but still, I’m not that obsessive…(or am I?)

dude, get yourself a girlfreind

No the reason is really cause my tow best friends I’ve known for 15yrs moved to france…and I used to chill with them every single weekends…it’s a big hole to fill dude.

So I’m spending more time ridding and less time socialising. Frankly, I don’t care all that much.

hehe this thread rules. i agree that the responses have been pretty harsh, but i want to say that unifreak kinda had it coming. obviously some people take unicycling more seriously than others. i think that i take it pretty seriously (trials, not street). i practice almost daily in order to improve my skills and one day i want to be a great rider. but the way our friend unifreak presented himself was kinda goofy! ride for fun, not for glory.

True, cause I mean it IS a sport right? And I find that some competitional stress always helps out… So I practise to keep up with the heard…

not so much to be a leader…

Anyways, unicycling is a great sport and if he want’s to exel in it so be it.

About all of that

Yo, saying i need to get a life is funny. Unicycling kinda is. Duh. “Slide” typo. For all you people that just said negitive about what i said, well it’s easy to tell you’re not very good. Ha. Sorry, i feel bad for you. This sport is rad, skaters diss, whip out a few grinds, 540 unispins, 360s, sall good. I can’t take most of their verts around here. It’s great. For those of you who think you’re good. I hope universe two doesn’t surprise you. It shouldn’t. If it does, you’re not that great. Simple as that. Can’t believe you’d sit and slam me, either you’re in the sport, or not, if you’re not, I don’t want you talking to me.
p.s. Typo’s, don’t bother, i don’t care.
p.s.s - Hazard trailer isn’t working, there is no system i have to get it working, sorry. Can’t help it. But the movie is finished, and it’s rad.

Re: About all of that

It’s possible to not be completely obsessed with something, and still be good at it.

you just seem to concerned with impressing other people(particularly skaters) who cares what other people think, unicycle for fun

and nobody said anything negative about you, people just told you to mellow out you came on really heavy

Re: About all of that

you rule

Woah hold on guys, I think everyone is being way too harsh on unifreak7, good on him that he wants to take unicycling to the next level, its more then all of us can say. Hes obviously a great rider, maybe everyone feels threatened by him and so they have to harass him to make themselves feel better? I dunno, but give him a break.
If everyone else is happy with unicycling staying where it is then so be it, but i would personally like to see it taken futher, and if unifreak7 is going to (try and) do that then we should support him, not put him down.
Dont forget we’re all unicyclist here, so why don’t we act like it and stop putting one another down. From what i’ve heard this is one big case of tall poppy syndrome.

i beleive if you have the kind of attitude to the sport unifreak7 does, you wont enjoy it, unicycling is a fun enjoyable sport. unifreak7, just relax, have a good time, dont get so uptight about it all

Yeah I agree he doesn’t have to be uptight about it, but to get where he says he wants to go he has to be fairly motivated and work hard. People like Tony Hawk wouldn’t have gotten to where he is today by taking it easy. But I think if you start taking it beyond the level of fun you should stop and look at where your going and decide if its really where you want to be. But from what he’s said I think unifreak7 is still enjoying it, so lets support him. :slight_smile: