Serious Riders 2

Yo, Some pretty mean comments on that thread. I was just wanting to know if people are serious. If they are they should say something. If you’re not, cool, then don’t say anything. It’s cool. Looking for those interested in the sport in the next 10 years stretch kinda thing. I don’t plan on making this a profession, not much chance there, it is unicycling, but i do plan to be making movies until I can no longer ride. I know there are people out there going big, or learning things rad, but probably not noticed being from there location, and that sucks.
There is only one thing that holds this sport back and that’s the direct drive. So if you can work your way around that, you’ll be fine. Good luck to everyone out there. Next summer i’ll be road tripping for “Hazardous” if you’re in my area tell me. I’d love to shoot you for the movie. laters

i live in lincoln nebraska so if your road trip brings you down this way i’ll ride with you