September Muni Weekend

Is there a muni weekend planned or being planned for this coming September?


I wrote September 20 - 22 on my calendar. Someone else needs to confirm that date. It is in Santa Cruz California.

I haven’t heard anything on registering or details. I haven’t gone to one yet, so I don’t really know when to expect registration info to come out.


George, lets have a midwest muni weekend. Have you ever rode at the Sugarbottom trails by North Liberty??? They are awsome!! I’m going down there sometime before school starts again. See ya next week at RAGBRAI. Joe in Iowa


Re: September Muni Weekend

September 20-22, 2002. The 7th Annual California Mountain Unicycle Weekend,
held in beautiful Santa Cruz for the second time. It will be great. Here’s a
rough schedule, more details to come:

Friday 10-6, long ride in Soquel Demonstration Forest: the Braille Trail -
difficult and strenuous
Saturday morning: Cross Country race (2.5 miles) or Fun Ride, De Laveaga
Saturday lunch: Pizza will be delivered at the park as in 1999
Saturday pm: 4 miles round trip fun ride at the Forest of Niscene Marks in
Saturday night: Dinner on your own in groups - party at Bruce’s
beer/hottub/videos etc
Sunday morning: U-system Trials comp at Frederick St park, setup by Kris
Sunday lunch: Ride to the jetty for more trials, then ride to Seabright
Brewery as in 1999
Sunday afternoon: Mailboxes at Wilder Ranch as 1999

Looks like we will have a professional video made too - you’ll be able to
prebuy it for a discount when you register.

More on the website when we have time. Will be publicized here.

Anyone want to design a T-shirt? We don’t have one yet.


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> Is there a muni weekend planned or being planned for this coming
> September?
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Mojoe -

Good idea, we can discuss it further when we meet on RAGBRAI. Is that pic from Sugarbottom?

Any other midwest unicyclists interested in an Iowa muni weekend (is that an oxymoron?).

Re: September Muni Weekend

gbarnes <> wrote:

> Is there a muni weekend planned or being planned for this coming
> September?

yes- the BMW4 in the forest of dean, see for details
on BMW and its the same campsite again.

Or did you mean an american muni weekend?

Unicon 11 ~ Washington USA.~ July 25 - Aug 2 2002
The world unicycle convention and championships.

Im im MPLS and I wouldnt mind coming down if you have some good terrian.

Yes that’s from Sugarbottom. I didn’t take the photo, but someone I was riding with did. I rode my single speed mountain bike down there last Labor Day weekend. The main loop is an “easy” loop that is scary fast, and not that easy. Then, there are difficult technical loops that break off and then re-join the main loop. The trails are all one-way, so you don’t have to worry about oncoming traffic.

On a sad note, I tacoed the Coker rim on a training ride Sunday, so I’ll be riding my mountain bike with you on RAGBRAI. I was dismounting to the front, like I always do, and the wheel flopped over on it’s side like it usually does. It must have flopped too hard, because it Tacoed big time. I was able to push it back into shape a bit, but it was still wobbly, and the spokes were pinging a lot. I’ll have to un-tension and then re-tension and true the wheel, but I won’t have time to mess with it untill after RAGBRAI. I have some 125mm cranks coming for it tomorrow too, dang.

Joe in Iowa