Sep / Oct Uni Meet Question (Canada)

Hi Everybody
I know this is advance notice, but I’m on a roll typing things up and I’ve always been one for planning things well ahead of the time. Once again I am unlikely to have a unicycle with me, but at least I should be able to ride properly.

I’ll be in Canada on business for the last week of September / first week of October this year. From 25 September to 1 October I’ll be in Banff for Geostats 2004. If anybody from here is going (or if you live in Banff and will pretend to be a Geostatistician for a few hours) please let me know. My colleagues are convinced that no other geostatisticians ride unicycles and I’d love to prove them wrong.

After that we are supposed to be visiting some of the operations and the offices. I’ll hopefully be spending some time in Yellowknife, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. I’m not sure of the order of the visits or how long I’ll be in any one place, but if there is anything I can’t miss while I’m there, please let me know.

As this is supposed to be a business trip I probably won’t have much time to myself, but I should have the odd free evening, and I can always bale on dinner with colleagues if I’m meeting friends (even virtual ones).

TIA for any info or suggestions.