Senior Unicycler - Web Documentary

Here is the story of Eric from Rochester, NY.

Let me know what you guys think and please share if you think of anyone who might like his story.

A good little movie. I enjoyed listening to the guy. Nice countryside too.


It is a very good video! :slight_smile:

That’s a lovely video. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting chrisniswonger
Looks a good quiet place to practice. I wouldn’t mind trying that hill, but I bet I could’t get even halfway up it :astonished:

He’s not Senior. I’m only a few years younger than him and I don’t think of myself as Senior. When I can no longer ride, then I’m Senior!

Chris I am an older unicyclist in Rochester, NY also. I would love to talk to Eric and/or ride with him sometime if he would like company. Would you please let him know. You can reach me at my Facebook page or feel free to IM me here and I will send you my email. Thanks for this great video of Eric. I have been told there was a guy riding Cobbs Hill but didn’t know who it was :slight_smile:

Ha! I’ve heard of someone riding Cobbs Hill too!
I’d been interested in riding too. :sunglasses:

Interesting video! Thanks for sharing.

Nice video.

If the unicycle was the second best $150 he’s invested I wonder what the best was. A lotto ticket or a nice stock tip? :wink:

Maybe engagement ring? If I get a chance to ride with him, I’ll ask! :slight_smile:

Great !