Senior competition!

Ok, well I’ll compete with anyone 40 and over since there doesn’t seem to be a wealth of 50+ riders doing really extreme stuff, like 8 sets and 6’ drops!

So, whatever extreme stuff you’d like to do, I’m in! Like the highest hop up (straight to rubber) onto something, the longest (distance) rolling hop, the biggest stair set, the highest drop, longest side hop flat to flat, etc. Let’s go BIG guys! And yeah, it would help if we all document our stuff on video and post it here!:smiley:

dude, you’d win.


Oh. you want proof as in videos. I was hoping to entice you into jumping the Grand Canyon just by telling you that I had done it.

Nah, I just want to have a fun, informal competition with kids my age haha!:stuck_out_tongue: I want there to me MORE Uni “Geezers” at least trying the extreme stuff! Comon ye old farts!:o

So, how about we compete in 8 years? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I’ll only be SIXTY! :sunglasses: But I’m planning on being better by then lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Buy me a couple of year’s health insurance and I’ll start working on BIG. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, Unicycling IS my health insurance! NO DOUBT!:p:) :sunglasses: :smiley:

yeah … except that I need someone to teach me how to jump! after all those years still unable to leave good ol’ earth. With other “seniors” I think that would be easier. let’s fix a meeting : Moab munifest 2009.

Opting out. Instead of a senior competition, Terry, I nominate you to start jumping in on all the different kiddle competitions going on, and start accumulating some of those signature “trophies” on behalf of us old guys everywhere.

Go get 'em, tiger.

Not me, I’m rubbish.

What a great idea. We nominate Terry to represent of us over 40. Don’t we! Go get 'em, Terry.

Haha well I don’t know about that but I’m humbled by your faith in me lol!:smiley: Can’t do the crank flips and all that awesome artistic street stuff, ala Z. Collos and those amazing riders. Not even close. But I can shred some techy MUni and do some sizeable drops and stairsets.

And also a little extreme cokering. I might alsobe up for a climb challenge on 24"'s, like who can get to the summit of a steep 5 miler in the quickest time without dismounting. But for that, the youngins would have a definite edge, so I’d go 35+ on that one.:stuck_out_tongue:

Respect bro! I definately want to be able to ride at 50. Mad props for the eight set.

Thanks man! Haha actually 52 this Tuesday! :smiley:


we’ve seen your vids. I know I can’t compete. I just started hopping and it seems like I could hop forever but as soon as I try to hop on something I fall apart. I’ll be 49 in 2 months, maybe I will get the hang of it by the time I am 50.

You need to find some young bucks to have a nice nudge in the right direction. Hopping should come fairly quickly if you have someone to show you the way.

Yah? Well, I couldn’t hop to save my life.
Well, maybe if it was a real question of life or death I might try harder and give it a better shot.

I wish I could hop. I wish I could hop. I wish I could hop. (Taps red shoes three times.)



Well do you favor left or right foot forward for hopping? I can only hop left foot forward; if I try the right forward i can’t hop more than a couple times! So maybe try to find which foot you favor forward for hopping, then just spend some time on that and nothing else. It will get frustrating and monotonous, but that’s how I learned.

Find a nice flat and smooth area and go for it but make sure your saddle is not too high! You need to be able to bend at the knees a fair amount. Also, too much air in the tire will make hopping almost impposible! Let enough air out so the tire will compress enough to give you some spring, but not so little that it will fold or bottom out on the rim. Good luck and keep at it!