send us clips if you want to be in a new uni vid

excuse my somewhat simple teammate dan, he never got a full education and he often uses syntax like “i’ll sent u’s sum”.
i think what he means is he will send you some footage whne he can.

cmon dan, stop embarassing yourself, and the rest of the team!


english correction

yes as Alex pointed out i did mean to say i will sent you some footage when i am able to. And sorry for any inconvience that has caused anyone.

its ok, i speak jive. and yea theres no real deadline, its kinda whenever amanda says. (gotta listen to the women;) )

I’ve sent you a mail :smiley:

This as a video :smiley:

I uploaded a few clips I made the other day into my gallery.
unispin to body varial to unispin
seat twist in mid air. more of a mistake than a trick but take a look anyways.
hopping up a set of bleachers
kick out to unispin, basically a one footed unispin.
tap front and back of wheel then unispin finaly seat drop
180 to 180 to seat drop then hop twist and some kick outs

take what you will but let me know when the video is out. thanks