send us clips if you want to be in a new uni vid

i talked to amanda gallacher a little bit yesterday and today. we thought about making a collaboration video of as many people that want to be in it. so if youd like to be, and have a few clips, or even stills, send them to one of us. just street/freestyle stuff please.

Anybody give you clips yet?

sweet, I’d maybe do this if I had clips. I’ll have to check.

This is a grand idea though, i like it.

I sent two purdy cool clips to you. I explained them in my e-mail.

i have a few good stills, and i can get some clips when i order the video camera (very soon). WHo is editing it (im alright at editing so i could help)?

when would the video have to be done by?

amanda said she’ll do the editing cuz im a noob at it. theres no deadline. and my andkle and knee are in pain still, and amanda hasnt filmed at all, so it may be a week or two. who knows.
EDIT: the wheel walk on the 29’er was interesting ty.;).

I’ll film some clip stuff today and send it to ya.

We have a foot of snow, so I’m limited to riding on my backporch/garage, and the lighting is bad there. But the sun is shineing good today.

Umm you can go to my gallery…I had one awsome one, but my dad deleted it before I could put it up… but here are a couple of ok ones(I cant film very often so I cant get het good stuff for ya…)

This one is kinda old
This one is farely new…
nice lil line, mess up at the end(foot wasnt on all the way) and my friend woudlnt let me try again…

You know what…Just take anything you want from my gallery…Go to the 2 movie folders, and the misc vids is funny lil things you can take if oyu want, I dont care, you can have any clips or vids from my gallery, and you can take anything out of the old movie on the front if you want…

You can use any of my photos or videos, but they aren’t all that great, and the videos are sideways.

Heres one you might like…
Or maybe this one…

We have snow here too. Nearby is our town ‘sledding hill’ so I’m gonna go try to get some clips of me riding down the hill… if you know what I mean… Right now though I don’t think that we have much of a base, so the hill is pretty muddy. Once we get some more snow I’ll send in my clips. (hopefully before the video is finished:p)

Ok, ill try editing. Send me the clips at my email: or

Or i guess you could PM them to me too.

What format should the clips be in? I have a couple I made today and yesterday but they are in the evil .mov format, I converted them to wmv but if you would prefer another I can put them into almost anything.

im really not sure. amanda is the editor and handling all the bs. thank goodness. shes not on here much but ill ask her.

We’ve got lots of snow here, so it’s not easy to film, but I should be able to get some good stuff put together in a week or so. Are Quicktime files acceptable?

same question here.
if you want, i can send you a higher res clip of my SMD video…

here some of my clips:

unicycle crank slide:

30 inch hop:

Hey, guys. Sounds like a fun project - not too different from what I’m trying to do with the Uniplex podcast. Trying to collect some material from several sources and putting it together is a great way to get the variety of different riders from around the world seen by more people.

I wouldn’t want you to think I’m trying to compete with you guys. If you want to work together on anything, let me know. I think that the podcasting medium is a great way to get things syndicated and easily distributed to the most people.

I will try to get some footege this weekend. Maybe… If not the snow is too much by then.

sounds good

hey yeah i’ll sent u’s sum, when u need em by