semper_uni's frame?

What’s new with semper_uni’s frame? I want updates!

me too, im totally interested in buying a black one ASAP

Yeah, that frame looks really heavy duty. I would want a grey or black one, depending on the price.


forget the price.

when is he selling them to

last i heard, maybe a month ago, talking to semper online, was that he was going to give a newer version of his frame to jeff and ryan to test either at motorama and toque. i didnt see him at motorama and im not sure if he was at toque. This newer version was thicker in the seat post and thinner in the legs (maybe the other way around, i dont remember). i saw the older version at motorama (jeff and ryan were riding on it). they looked really cool!!

I just want to mention again that the Sempler (Alethe) frames are awesome. I have one on my trials uni. It’s light enough to allow me jump higher and longer, and is certainly strong enough to withstand the beating that I give it. I also really like the super wide crown – good for gliding and coasting. I find that there is a lot of interest in (and a lot of positive comments on) the frame when I’m out riding. I certainly recommend it to anyone thinking of purchasing a high end trails frame.


jeff, what frame were you riding before this one?

How much are his frames?


he had oringinaly guessed 250 (but itll change with customizations syuch as brake mounts, etc).


i saw a thread a while back where semper_uni posted a pic of a black one, it looked sooooo nice

i want more pics!~


First time i’ve been on the forums in a few weeks and i find a thread about my stuff. neat.

Well, I’ve been getting my learn on again at another hectic semester away from home. midterms, then fraternity… week, then finals. I’m almost done.

My frames have been getting aproval from the mechanical engineering staff at my university all term. The design will stay about the same, but some guage thicknesses in the sheet metal have been optimized and the wall thickness of the seat tube will be reduced.

There was a bit too much flex for my liking coming from the crown area, which has been adressed through slightly modifying it’s design.

The frames whould be in full on production within the next month. I have one week of school after this, then i’m back to my shop.

I’m still planning on selling them between 250 and 275 US.

I’ll ship anywhere. i’ve also been in contact with a europian distributer who is very interested in carrying the frames.

The frames will intitally be available in flat black powdercoat only. I will be able to do custom colors but it will slow things down and cost a little bit more.

thanks for the continued interest.

Ryan and jeff,
Sorry i couldn’t make it to motorama or toque. educational obligations prevented me from taking a whole weekend away.

I still have one frame that i will trade for whichever of yours is most beat up. email me.

if i may make a suggestion, offer the frame without the black finish. as i have experienced with my black powdercoated onza, any scrapes on the frame show extremely well against the black. while battle damage is cool, i dont really want to destroy the prettiness of the frame immediately. from looking at jeff and ryan’s frames, the scrapes are not as visible without the finish. what do you think?