Semi off-topic. Three Days in Sweden Penny Farthing Race

The “Three Days in Sweden” penny farthing races start on June 28th. I looked through the list of registered riders and see three unicyclists—yes I am counting myself. The other two being Mattias Nordström and @rogeratunicycledotcom. But maybe I missed more of you? Anyone here going? How big will the “also a unicyclist” subgroup be? And if you are are going please find me and say Hi! :wave:

P.S. The promo video if anyone is interested:


Also, looking at the top 4 last year

THE TROPHY (total of 4 races)

  1. Joaco Olguín (Chile) 400 points [also a unicyclist]
  2. Mattias Nordström (Sweden) 372 points [also a unicyclist]
  3. Oskar Henriksson (Sweden) 368 points
  4. Roger Davies (UK) 367 points [also a unicyclist]

Damn… now I feel the pressure.

@rogeratunicycledotcom can you beat Mattias this year? :wink:

OMG - I really want to see this. I’ve been to Lund many times, but never when this race is happening! :cry:

Thanks @ruari I will do my best, but I have been ill most of the winter and have not been able to train. I will do my best to beat him. :slight_smile:

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There are a lot of unicyclists who ride penny farthings, I estimate almost 1/3 of the UK penny farthing riders in races can/do ride unicycles.

The reason we are good in races is we can spin fast, traditional cyclists can not push the short cranks at the speed we can. In Sweden I have either 100 or 89mm cranks on my 50" wheel!

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Well I will be there too but have no chance against Mattias or you. So I will be rooting for you as a fellow Brit, even though I am registered for Ireland, part of “Team Norway” and Mattias is part of the Nordics unicycle club I created on Strava. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: