People have talked of ordering things from Semcycle here in the past.

At Leeds (The European Juggling Convention) I bought a Sem seat from Mr
Abrahams. A beautiful thing, it is — a real pleasure to the bottom; lovely red
and white, but I digress.

Sem seats are bolted to a plate that is welded onto a seat post. I wanted a Sem
seat for my Pashley (“Why don’t you just buy a new Sem uni!” I hear you all cry)
which has a different diameter seat post to a Semcycle. Unfortunately Mr
Abrahams didn’t have a seat post there at Leeds to fit a Pashley. We made an
arrangement that I’d pay up front and they would mail me a seat post when they
returned to Holland. Seven weeks later I am still waiting!! Two weeks ago I sent
a reminder letter.

Is Sem normally good to its mail order customers? How long do things take to
arrive? (England in particular)

I shall keep you informed, uncycling customers, how things progress.


P.S. I bought a second chrome-plated D.M. ringmaster yesterday for 50 quid!! It
has an uncomfortable (but soundly made!) T-bar seat which I am dying to
replace with this Sem seat. D.M. seat posts are the same diameter as
Pashley seat posts (25.8mm). Anybody want a second hand Pashley? No, I
thought not.

 Actually I think I have worked out how to overcome Pashley's major design
 flaw - put locking washers (size M4) on the screws that go through the
 frame into the "prongs" attached to the hubs. So far they have not come
 loose, and therefore not a squeak to be heard!!

Another good thing about Pashleys I have come to value only recently is that
they have a perfect place to rest your spare foot when riding one-footed. D.M.
frames require more skill in the placing of your spare foot.