Semcycle xl tyre question

Hi people,

I have a semcycle xl 28" uni. I am keen to try out a 29" tyre but I am not sure if it will fit. Before I go to the expense of buying one just to find out that it will not fit I thought that I would try here.

Who knows what is the fattest / biggest tyre that will fit onto my unicycle? Brands and tyre sizes would be helpful.

A prize will be awarded to the person who can best answer my question (the prize will have to be collected from my place as I am too lazy to post it).

Wayne van Wijk


I am not Tony Melton, honest.

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The previous email about tyre widths was from me - not Tony.

I would still like an answer though.

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Now that that is all cleared up I will go.

Wayne van Wijk

Bloody Cookies,

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I think that it is sorted now.

P.S. I still want info on the 29" tyres.

Wayne van Wijk
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AFAIK anything you can buy will fit. I measured a mounted, pressurized Big Apple and the Sem XL frame and there should be plenty of room. If I get the time (not likely right now) I’ll try to swap wheels and take a pic. The Big Apple, AFAIK, is the fattest available.

Thanks for the reply,

I may get the nanoraptor as I have heard that it is a good hybrid tyre.

The main use will be road riding and cruising. Having a little grip for occasional offroad use would be nice though.


The Nano is an excellent tyre both on and off-road. It’s light and quick. It also doesn’t seem to wear out that much if you ride it on-road, unlike some MUni tyres. Off-road, it hooks up very well on hardpack, singletrack or just about anything. Really slippery mud is probably the only place it doesn’t perform that well. If you ride that then perhaps a motoraptor would be better.

I’ve run it forwards and backwards. If you like riding up really steep hills then face the directional tread forwards, if you like riding down steep hills then face it forwards.

p/s if you have Tony there could you please get him to check his email?

Is there a wide and regular version in the XL frame for 28"? The regular XL frames are fairly narrow, which would explain the original question. I think “Austraila” might want to give the width dimension of his fork clearance to make sure you are all on the same page.

Good point, John. The frame I measured is 70mm between legs just under the crown.

The Nano is good on the road until you’ve tried the Big Apple.

Thanks for the good advice John,

I have an old style semcycle XL that has about 50mm clearance between the forks (at the top).

Any ideas on the fattest trre I can put into this one?

Wayne van Wijk
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Phew, I’m glad we got that identity crisis of yours cleared up! Good jerb, ramrod!

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The WTB Nanoraptor is 52mm wide. See here


it looks like I am destined to keep a skinny tyre on the thing.