Semcycle wheel extensions

If anyone is interested in wheel extensions to make their Semcycle XL into a 2
-or- 3-wheeler, send me an e-mail. I’ve got two wheels and fork extenders.


Hi Dan,

I’m new here- not sure how to send an email without an email address posted.

I’m interested, but first I have some questions-
How sturdy are those things? I’m 190 lbs, and I’d hate to bolt together a three-wheeler only to have it buckle or wobble when I climb up on top of it and lean into it.

What’s your experience with those bolt-on extenders? I also emailed the customer support at a couple of days ago, but haven’t gotten a response yet.

You can email me-

– Thanks

i think i understand how these things work but what kind of wheels/hubs are required for the bottom wheels? bike hubs? unicycle hubs or something totally different?


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even though this thread is rediculously old could someone explain the hub setup of the bottom wheels?


The bottom bearing clamp pieces are replaced with fork legs.
A wheel is clamped to the bottom of those (add more extensoins and wheels ass you see fit). The wheels rub so that when you pedal, it drives the bottom wheel. More wheels = more resistance, the highest I have ridden is 5.

On even numbered “stacks” you have to pedal backwards to go foreward. you almost have to reteach yourself how to unicycle to be able to ride a 2 stack.

P.S. to my knowledge Gilby is the undesputed master champion of two wheel stack riding.

i understand that but what kind of hub is used on the bottom wheels? unicycle hubs or bike hubs?

It looks like unicycle wheel without a spindle for the cranks to go on, or maybe the spindle’s still there but just hard to see. It’s got normal unicycle bearing houses on at and says it’s got a UDC chromoly hub.

yeah it looks like just a regular unicycle hub without the cranks - thats what i suspected because it needs the bearings in order to attach to the extension which uses unicycle bearing housings.


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