Semcycle Longneck Frame Issues

I’ve got problems with my frame. I have ever since I got it. Now I am really ticked off because of the fact that now the bearing cap bolt is stripped at the little notch that keeps it from spinning so I can’t even take the frame off. I have no clue what the matter with the frame is. It is a few millimetres off center with the tire/wheel, and the seat is noticably cocked to one side. This affects my gliding and coasting, so it has become an issue. What should I tell UDC? What should I do immediately? I don’t plan on at least paying for a new frame as I fear the same problem would arise. To rule out a few things - the wheel is completely true, my other frames work on this wheel and are perfectly straight, and yes it does bother me enough to need change.

my sem frame doesnt line up with the bearings. you have to force it on. I took it off it to see what was wrong (whenever ever i would do certain clicks the whole thing would shift) and i alot of trouble getting it back on. My onza just fits right on perfectly. Does yours do that?

Is your wheel dished correctly?

The wheel is not dished, it turns evenly slanted to one side.

i told you like 5 months ago that one leg was slightly longer than the other…SHIM IT!

How do you shim it? Heck, I dunno what a shim even is! :slight_smile:

cut strips out of a coke can and put the under the top bearing hold of the longer side

Wouldn’t you put it under the short side??!?!?? :thinking:

:o :o

you’re right

If its not breaking anything or causing any noticeable disturbance while riding I would say just leave it…