Semcycle Giraffe

At out Tuesday night club practice this week we had a wonderful surprise. Af
really good juggler and part time unicyclist came for a visit. I had met him a
few times and worked with him (in my clowning days) a few times in the past. He
talked with us for a while and the proceeded to ask if anyone was interested in
purchasing an older Semcycle Double-Chained Giraffe. Of course my curiosity was
peaked since I had always wanted to try a double-chained giraffe. He mentioned
he had bought it many years ago but only rode it about 10 times since it was too
hard to free-mount. I rode it (boy are those double-chained models smooth) and
promptly wrote a check from the club to purchase it. His asking price was $300.
I figured this was a good price since new ones are $400 and only have one chain.

Could some of you riders out there who have been at this longer than me give me
your thoughts and memories of these older double-chained Semcycle models. Maybe
when they quit making them this way. It appears everything on the unicycle is
original. It was well cared for. I will try and get a picture someday and post
it on my web-site.

Anyway I look forward to hearing from some of you about what you think of my
jewel of a find (at least I think it was a jewel.)

Thanks and happy double-chained riding.

Philip - Viking One Wheelers Unicycle Club